Saturday, 25 September 2010

Lecture 1 Summary

Yesterday I had my first lecture as part of my new Winchester University Journalism course. The talk was very interesting as a whole, exploring the links between Philosophy and Journalism.

I find it fascinating seeing how human knowledge has developed over time and the effects these changes have had on society. Medicine, construction, art, religion. The growth of all these have defined us and our ancestors. Thank goodness for technological advancement. I don't think I could handle using a stone car with a hole in the floor like on the Flintstones. Sounds abit tiring.

I don't even have to stray far from my accommodation to see marks left from the past. I'd debating taking a trip down to town and having a look around the cathedral. There's nothing like that near me at my hometown. It's a welcome change. Me and my housemates actually went on a 'ghost tour' of Winchester on the night we arrived. Our tour guide told us about about the history of the place, which was nice. The main thing I took from the tour was the fact that pretty much everything's haunted. I've learnt to assume every establishment is safeguarded by a floating see through person.

I've never studied History as a subject in great detail, but the idea of learning about the history of the press is appealing. Good old Johann Gutenburg. Before Johann's printing press people were made to copy out whole books by hand. Again - That sounds tiring.

The invention also allowed the preservation of important, momentous human knowledge. Construction plans, religious ideologies etc. I was researching Johann's life earlier today and read an article that stated he never actually made alot of money from his invention. It's a shame, considering it's argubly one of the most important inventions ever.

The lecture yesterday gave me a strong idea of how my learning is going to be structured as the course progresses. Thankfully, it's looking like a very interesting course to be involved in!


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