Saturday, 23 October 2010

WINOL 20th October Thoughts and Feedback

This is my second review of the WINOL broadcasts, and I can see that our feedback over the last show on the 13th has had a noticeable effect on this weeks edition.

Above all, the audio last week let the side down. This week, however, the sound is greatly improved. I can hear clearly what everybody's saying, both by the presenters and the reporters. Last week, there was also a slight lack of enthusiasm from some of the reporters. This week, this has been greatly improved. The reporters sound like they're genuinely interested in what it is they're reporting on and it makes the subject matter far more engaging for me as a viewer.

Continuing on the theme on sound, the audio from the Interviews conducted in this weeks broadcast was fantastic. Furthermore, the visual displays that introduce the interviewees remained on the screen for longer than in the last broadcast. I could clearly identify who was being interviewed, which was great.

I have 2 small points to make about the interview with Councillor Harry Verney. Firstly, the location of the interview is slightly odd. Perhaps it would have been nicer to use a more professional-looking or interesting setting. Secondly, Mr Verney is cut off mid-sentence at the end of the interview which meant I had trouble hearing the last bit of the feature.

As with last week, there was a nice variation in the stories discussed. This was a very well polished broadcast. Nicely done!


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