Thursday, 14 October 2010

WINOL 13th October Thoughts and Feedback

Earlier today during our 'Introduction to Journalism' lecture we took a quick look at the latest WINOL broadcast which was recorded yesterday. Below are my thoughts on this weeks show.

My first immediate thought was that the WINOL team have done an excellent job in making the broadcast look professional, authentic and engaging. The opening title sequence in particular is of a very high standard and I could easily see such an opening being used by national news channels. I was also impressed with the way in which the two presenters read the headlines and stories. Both students spoke with clarity and confidence, which again added to the authenticity of the broadcast.

Admittedly, the audio quality during some of the reports dipped slightly, which made it difficult to understand fully what was going on. The story of the Queen, for example, experienced this issue. Another issue I noticed with some of the reports (mainly during the football segment) was a slight lack of enthusiasm. The footage of the football was interesting yet the monotonous commentary took away from the excitement. However in saying this, what was said during the football reports was informative and well structured.

Despite these minor issues, I was impressed a great deal by the broadcast. The team clearly work hard at what they do and the results pay off. I thought the variety of camera angles were a nice touch, and the mini interviews carried out during the reports were also nicely done. All the stories touched on in the broadcast were interesting and nicely varied, despite slight differences in audio quality. The problem with dips in audio is that the broadcast becomes slightly less engaging when you're not 100% sure what's being said.

All in all, though, a great broadcast.


Good comments - and you're completely right to focus on the sound issues. This is a challenge you will face next year when you begin working on Winol. Sound is the most difficult skill - and takes much longer to master than vision.

This feedback is really useful for the second and third years, so try to blog weekly on the bulletins. Well done.

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