Sunday, 14 November 2010

The Guardian - Audience Demographics

The Guardian has some information on its demographics for both their online and offline readers. I thought it would be interesting to place these statistics side by side and see how the online and offline readership vary.

The chart shows that in terms of gender, the Guardian has a higher percentage of male readers online; at 63%. The statistics show that only 37% of the online readers are female. When we look at the offline statistics for gender, they're more or less even. 53% of the offline readership are male.

The picture above shows the online and offline statistics side by side (Click the picture  to enlarge)

The age statistics show that younger readers are more likely to read the news online than older readers, which makes sense. The younger generation are likely to be more familiar with the Internet and its features. The online site also features more stories that are orientated around celebrities than the offline paper, which again shows that the online site may target a slightly younger audience. Obviously, the Guardian Online doesn't dwell on these celebrity stories to the extent that the tabloids do, but there are some dotted around.

In terms of social grade, 63% of 'offline' Guardian readers belong in the AB category. Online, this is slightly different, with  the AB category only containing 36% of readers. Clearly, the online readership is more varied in terms of social grade. Looking at the website in more detail it doesn't come as a major surprise to me that it's attracting a wider variety of people. It probably helps that the Guardian Online is free too!

The website features music videos, sports articles, entertainment news and even TV highlights. There's even an article on the X Factor, something which I can't really see being talked about in the offline Guardian. I could perhaps see it in being slipped into 'G2', but certainly not in the main paper.


interesting stuff - not seen a comparison like that - thanks

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