Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Lecture 4 (Raw Notes)

Addison background:

Born 1672, keen traveller - Liked to travel around Europe. Also influenced heavily by Jonathan Swift, poet.

'The Spectator' was a daily publication and had a big impact on the public. It was popular and widely influential. Also showed off Addison's love for social commentary. The 'Royal Exchange' that he discusses was the head of international trade.

[Royal Exchange]

"Rich assembly of countrymen and foreigners"

Addison seems to approve of the work the royal exchange - It brings cultures and nationalities together. He explores the theme of multiculturalism - "Citizen of the world"

He links nature with trade and communication, implying that it's like nature spread its 'gifts' to encourage communication between countries - "Nature seems to have taken a peculiar care to disseminate the blessings among the different regions of the world". Also goes on to talk about food and other produce and how to gather it we must communicate.

Addison talks about how he loves the cultures of different countries but then says his own country is 'barren'. Our climate limits what can be grown so it is imported via the exchange. Addison hints that England relies heavily on other countries:

France is our "garden"
"[The] Chinese our Potters"

"Nature indeed furnishes us with the bare necessaries of life, but traffic gives us a great variety of what is useful"

Themes of Puritanism - Puritans obsessed with death and religion
The importance of trade - Merchants "knit mankind together"

[The Spectator 476]

Discussing how people portray their ideas - Starts by saying that doesn't do any of the things he goes on to criticise!

The way in which ideas are portrayed has an impact on how they are received. If the description of an idea is overcomplicated, its true meaning is lost/misunderstood - He relates this idea to the construction of essays and writing in general.

"The advantages of a reader from a methodical Discourse, are correspondent with those of the writer" - If the writer is methodical, his ideas are easier for readers to interpret

Tom Puzzle and Will Dry - Rhetorical devices?

Tom Puzzle - Uses elaborate language. Well-spoken. "This makes Tom Puzzle the admiration of all those who have less sense than himself". People take notices of Tom Puzzles elaborate language and assume he is a figure of knowledge.

Will Dry - A concise individual. "Dry is a man of a clear methodical head, but few words"


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