Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Radio Bulletin - Final

Ok then, finally managed to put together my radio bulletin! Here's the 3 bits of audio stitched together for the final piece:


Hampshire County Council continue to discuss plans over the 'Broadband Project', an initiative that could take great steps in improving online communication and accessibility.

Users can expect improved online speeds of up to 2mb/s, a substantial improvement to current figures.

Alison Quant, Director of Economic Development for Hampshire County Council, described the project as vital, capable of having “huge impacts across the whole of society”.

The council remain optimistic despite news the project is not aided by dedicated funding. Councillor Ken Thornber, leader of Hampshire County Council, described how costs are largely going to be met by the customer.


Winchester's latest safer neighbourhoods meeting highlighted the importance of continued care for local homeless.

Winchester's Trinity Centre, which has been in operation for over 20 years, backs the "Spare Change for Real Change" campaign, which ensures donations are distributed fairly and equally via boxes in the town centre. 

Development manager, Sue McKenna, explained further

Audio In - 'instead of just giving..'
Audio Out - 'make a difference to homeless people'


Winchester's tourist information centre has picked up an award for being the best tourist centre of the year in the South East region.

Sarah Harfield, team leader, discussed the centres relationship with the local community.

Audio In - 'We try and provide..'
Audio Out - 'sets us apart from other TICs'

The regional award has secured the centre a place in the top 4 at the national finals, which will take place in Birmingham on April 15th.

[ Bulletin Length - 1.52 ]


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