Monday, 25 April 2011

Easter Break Post Summary

Here's a quick list I've decided to throw together of all the posts I put up over the Easter Break. There's some nice variety there!

15.04.11 - Nintendo Goes HD? - "According to Game Informer, 'multiple sources' have confirmed that gaming giant Nintendo will be unveiling a successor to the massively popular Wii console"

16.04.11 - Could New Super Glasses Save Brazilian Police?- "Thanks to the arrival of new 'Robo-cop style' glasses with scanning capabilities, Police forces may be able to identify criminals quicker than ever before."

17.04.11 - #TwitterJokeTrial - Comedians Join Forces for Paul Chambers -"Chambers was found guilty under the Terrorism Act of sending a menacing communication via Twitter, stating he was going to 'blow up' an airport after hearing his flight had been cancelled due to poor weather conditions."

19.04.11 - iPhone 5 Rumours Surface Once More - Can They Be Trusted? - "As if talk of the eventual release of the white iPhone 4 wasn't enough for Apple fans, a steady flow of iPhone 5 rumours have been hitting the web recently too. Some are believable. Some, in my opinion, aren't."

19.04.11 - YouWed - YouTube Streams Royal Wedding Live - "Unsurprisingly, YouTube has confirmed it will be live streaming the royal wedding when it takes place on April 29th"

20.04.11 - Sony PSP Go Dead Already? - "It's only been 2 years or so and already evidence is suggesting that production of the electronic giants latest handheld is stopping"

20.04.11 - UPDATE - PSP GO Production Ceases, Says Sony - "It has now been confirmed by Sony Computer Entainment that production of the portable gaming system has been stopped for good."

22.04.11 - New York Times in Paywall Breakthrough - "Opinion was split when the New York Times first announced its plans to charge for a digital copy of the publication, yet sceptics have been silenced after news the publisher has sold over 100,000 subscription within 3 weeks of its launch."

22.04.11 - Apple in Phone Tracking Controversy - "Security researchers have discovered a hidden feature within the iPhone that shows the gadget keeps track of users' movements, saving geographical details to a secret file on the device"


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