Tuesday, 19 April 2011

iPhone 5 Rumours Surface Once More - Can They Be Trusted? [Gadget News]

As if talk of the eventual release of the white iPhone 4 wasn't enough for Apple fans, a steady flow of iPhone 5 rumours have been hitting the web recently too. Some are believable. Some, in my opinion, aren't. Talk of a 3D screen, for example? Not likely at all in my opinion. Apple are always trying to boast about their impressive 'retina display' for the iPhone (which is still considered fairly new tech in Apple's line-up) so why get rid of it already? Having said that, I'll look like an idiot if the iPhone 5 ships with 3D enabled now, wont I?

According to the Wall Street Journal, its 'in-the-know' (their words, not mine!) contact believes the new member of the iPhone family will adopt a new design in an attempt to address issues that many customers had with the iPhone 4's antenna. It's worth reminding ourselves that many users were having signal difficulties which turned out to be caused by the phone's outer stainless steel shell. It's almost certain the iPhone 5 will address this issue.

What will the new product look like? Opinions remain mixed across the web

In an interesting interview by the Wall Street Journal with Sony CEO Howard Stringer, it was revealed that the company that manufactures Apple's iPhone cameras was badly affected by the recent tsunami in Japan. Stringer stated that it may be left up to Sony to pick up the work of OmniVision, the company hit by the natural disaster. Could this mean Sony have a hand in the integrated camera for the iPhone 5? Potentially, yes. Many sources claim that the product will feature an 8-megapixel camera, which would be a vast improvement to the previous iPhone's 4-megapixel snapper.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of Concorde Securities (who has correctly predicted Apple's releases in the past) states that the iPhone 5 will feature "slight modifications" from its predecessor, also predicting production to begin around September. It's also thought the product will run off of the A5 processor, the same engine that powered the iPad. If this is the case, we can expect a much smoother, faster experience than that offered by the iPhone 4, which runs off a different, less powerful chip.

For now, there's alot of 'maybes', but that's rumours for you.


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