Friday, 22 April 2011

New York Times in Paywall Breakthrough

Opinion was split when the New York Times first announced its plans to charge for a digital copy of the publication, yet sceptics have been silenced after news the publisher has sold over 100,000 subscription within 3 weeks of its launch.

Original reports claimed the Times spent $40 million to construct the paywall, however the companies chairman, Arthur Sulzberger, told the media this was not true and the system in fact cost 'much less' to implement.

The Times paywall has been given mixed reviews, but it's still early days

Responding to criticism that the service is slightly complicated, Sulzberger stated: "I don't agree that it's too complex. It's new. Let it breathe for a bit before you make judgment."

Admittedly, the paywall is still within its early stages. It'll be interesting to see how subscription numbers change as the paywall system becomes more established. Subscriptions to the online service vary from $15-$35, with different plans offering consumers different levels of access to the site.

As a side note, I wrote an article a while back looking at the paywall in further detail. You can have a look at that post by clicking HERE.


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