Friday, 15 April 2011

Nintendo Goes HD?

Earlier today I was having a look through Twitter and found that this post by E3 caught my eye.

For those who are unaware, E3 (otherwise known as the 'Electronic Entertainment Expo') is the name of a conference that is held yearly in Los Angeles that takes a look at the gaming industry's up-and-coming projects. For tech nerds like me, it's fairly exciting stuff. The E3 experience sees developers, buyers, distributors and industry representatives (all the console companies have their own conference which is streamed live across the Internet and through various gadget and gaming networks) come together to reveal the latest in electronic media.

E3 was originally an open event, however since 2007 the convention has become more exclusive, only allowing those with a direct link to the industry (for example, journalists) access to the presentations. Over 80,000 people attended the original show, making it one of the largest trade show launches in history.

Now this brings me to the post E3 featured on their page. According to Game Informer, 'multiple sources' have confirmed that gaming giant Nintendo will be unveiling a successor to the massively popular Wii console. Admittedly, the Wii was marketed towards the more casual gamer, but to deny it of its success would be a mistake. Figures state that as of December 2010 Nintendo had sold over 84 million units, which towers over the figures of the Xbox (Approx. 50 million as of January 2011) and the Playstation 3 (Approx. 47.9 million as of December 2010)

At this time there are conflicting reports over the graphical power of the supposed 'Wii HD', although Game Informer has stated that its sources have revealed the console will be capable of high definition output far superior to the 1st-gen Wii, which has now been on sale since 2006. At this time, features associated with online connectivity are unknown, as are details relating to how the system will be controlled. Recent news that Nintendo could potentially be dropping the current price of the Wii could also suggest there's a new system on the horizon. Are Nintendo trying to ship more Wii's to make way for its new HD brother? We'll see.


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