Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Sony PSP Go Dead Already?

It's only been 2 years or so and already evidence is suggesting that production of the electronic giants latest handheld is stopping.

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan (SCEP) has confirmed it will be ceasing production of the Sony PSP Go as the company places its full attention on the arrival of the 'Next Generation Portable' (Sony are referring to it as the 'NGP') product. The company has planned an end of the year release for the next gadget, sources claim. As a side note, it's likely we'll receive some more news on this new handheld at this years E3 conference. If you're not fully aware of what E3 is, take a quick look at a post I wrote HERE.

Will Sony's 'NGP' (pictured above) accomplish what the PSP Go could not?

The remaining units of the Go are expected to be distributed through retailers until the stock is exhausted. At this stage, Sony says, customer support for the product will continue yet these stocks will not be replenished.

Launched in January 2009, the PSP Go suffered poor sales statistics from the offset. It's likely the hefty price tag (the product retailed at around £220) put people off as other handhelds on the market offered similar features for a more affordable price. It seems consumers weren't willing to spend an amount of money on a handheld that wasn't much less than that of Sony's flagship console, the Playstation 3.

It's worth noting that Sony Computer Entertainment are yet to officially confirm these rumours of the PSP Go's production halt, yet a source from gaming site 'VG247' claims a message displayed on the company's Japanese homepage read "shipment ended".

In my view, I can't see the Go making a big comeback. It seems to me like Sony's experimental handheld proved to be just that - an experiment. I'm assuming they'll realise what made the PSP Go a market flop and keep that in mind when releasing the NGP. It's not all doom and gloom, though. Many of the features Sony implemented into the Go made it into their new phone, the 'Xperia Play'. They'll be pleased to know sales for that product are looking healthy!

UPDATE - It has now been confirmed by Sony Computer Entainment that production of the portable gaming system has been stopped for good. Read my follow-up post HERE


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