Thursday, 26 May 2011

Facebook Founder and Google Chief Address Internet Regulation

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg attended the second day of the e-G8 forum this week, addressing the issue of Internet regulation.

The e-G8 forum is a 'unique gathering of the world's top Internet and digital leaders', as the official website claims, with personalities such as Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales and eBay president John Donahoe arriving at this years meeting in France.

Zuckerberg made it clear that he was against increasing regulatory measures being implemented in the future, saying: “You can't isolate some things you like about the Internet, and control other things you don't.” Zuckerberg has joined Internet activists in an attempt to battle against complete governmental control of the net, with many other influential characters associated with the world of online media echoing his thoughts. The 27-year-old entrepreneur said it will be difficult to find a way to regulate the Internet and also allow it to evolve.

  French President Nicolas Sarkozy (Pictured above) supports online regulation [Image:Getty]

Google's chief Eric Schmidt, who also attended the 2-day gathering in Paris, agreed with Zuckerberg, describing how technological developments will make governmental attempts for control redundant. He told attendees: “Technology will move faster than governments, so don't legislate before you understand the consequences".

In contrast, French President Nicolas Sarkozy said that he was in favour of strict online control. Existing laws in France concerning piracy laws are already particularly tough and Sarkozy wishes to maintain this level of authority in other areas of the web.

Online regulation is yet to affect 'Wikileaks' however, a website that, in its own words, aims to reveal 'suppressed and censored injustices'.

Other issues such as the downloading of illegal materials were also on the agenda this year. Currently, over 60 countries censor the Internet in some form and statistics released recently have shown this number continues to rise.


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