Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Apple President Steve Jobs Plans 'Spaceship' HQ

On June 7th, Apple president Steve Jobs stood before the Cupertino City Council and laid out plans to turn recently purchased land into the construction site for a brand new, 'one-of-a-kind' building.

If plans are accepted, the building will house around 12,000 Apple employees. Steve Jobs explained to the Cupertino City Council that he was desperate to stay in Cupertino, a town in which he grew up in as a boy. Apple have bought a section of land just East off their current base, hoping that they can turn this land into a site for the new headquarters.

Above: A picture of what the building will look like

"The building is entirely circular", explained Jobs to the Council. He pointed out to the council that Apple work with some of the best architects in the world when they're designing retail Apple stores. Undoubtedly the same talent will be used to put together the new building, which Jobs joked looked slightly like a 'spaceship'.

As it stands, 20% of the land Apple plan to build on is 'landscape'. Jobs and his construction team plan to have parking underground, which, combined with other space-saving changes, will see 80% of the land is landscaped. Furthermore, the amount of trees on the land will be doubled. The circular design of the building saves a massive amount of space, which clearly impressed the City Council.

Some concept art was shown, demonstrating how the building will be just 4 stories high, putting it at roughly around the same height as Apple's current headquarters. A slide demonstrating some of the construction figures was also put before the council. It showed a 50% increase in landscape, a 60% increase in the amount of trees on site and a 90% reduction in the amount of surface parking.

Above: Jobs addressing the Cupertino City Council

When asked by a council member when the building may be completed, Jobs stated: "We want to move in in 2015". 

For now, the future of the proposed circular building remains uncertain. From watching the footage from the meeting, however, it looks like Cupertino City Council is excited about the project and willing to do everything they can to ensure it's a success.


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