Monday, 6 June 2011

Live E3 Twitter Coverage

E3 2011 kicks off at 5.30PM GMT and I will be tweeting about the conferences as they take place. If you follow me on Twitter HERE you can keep up to date. I will also be posting my tweets here on the blog as well so those without Twitter can follow the action. If you refresh the page new information will be displayed.

Nintendo Press Conference Coverage - Begins at 6pm GMT

17.01 - Welcome to today's coverage of the Nintendo E3 Press Conference at E3 2011. Be sure to follow me for continuous news. #Nintendo #E3

17.03 - We're minutes away from starting. The audience take their seats. #Nintendo #E3

17.03 - Will Nintendo be unveiling the sequel to the Wii today? We shall see, but rumours blaze on! #Nintendo #E3

17.05 - The conference has started. An orchestra begins playing as Zelda footage plays behind them. #Nintendo #E3

17.06 - The music continues. We're shown a montage of Zelda games from a mix of old and new platforms. #Nintendo #E3

17.08 - The montage slow. The orchestra slows. Footage of Link and the Princess is shown. There's no new footage so far #Nintendo #E3

17.09 - Very lengthy orchestral piece. Still going! #Nintendo #E3

17.10 - The Legend of Zelda 25th anniversary appears on screen. The music ends. The crowd cheer. Creator Shigeru miyamoto enters. #Nintendo #E3

17.11 - "Since we first released this game, the game play and the visuals have constantly evolved and so has the music". #Nintendo #E3

17.12 - "Since we have a full orchestra here today, I think we should ask they to play some of these songs live for us". #Nintendo #E3

17.12 - The orchestra are simulating sound effects from the game like inventory menu sounds. Very clever! #Nintendo #E3

17.14 - "For the 25th anniversary, we have prepared a new Zela game for all our platforms". #Nintendo #E3

17.15 - "It's great for people who are playing Zelda for the first time". Next weekend the Legend of Zelda:3D will launch on the 3DS #Nintendo #E3

17.15 - "We've included hint movies to help you along the way". The game is fun for newbies and veterans. #Nintendo #E3

17.16 - Coming on DSi, 'The Legend of Zelda: 4 Swords'. A 4 player co-operative Zelda! 'Skyward Sword' will also be out soon too. #Nintendo #E3

17.17 - A special edition gold Wii remote will be launched to coincide with the Zelda anniversary #Nintendo #E3

17.18 - "Skyward Sword is packed full of content". A round of applause. #Nintendo #E3

17.19 - The Zelda orchestra will be travelling the world. Pretty cool. 2 music CD's on the way - Ocearina of time #Nintendo #E3

17.19 - ..along with an album from the Zelda orchestra. #Nintendo #E3

17.20 - Zelda creator invites other influencial members of the team onto the stage. #Nintendo #E3

17.21 - The Zelda presentation ends. 'THANK YOU!' flashes onto the screen. The orchestra play another piece. #Nintendo #E3

17.22 - Nintendo President Satoru Iwata comes onto the stage. "Today, we have seen changes in who plays, how we play and where". #Nintendo #E3

17.23 - "We haven't yet achieved a game platform that is equally satisfying for all players. YET." He's hinting at something.. #Nintendo #E3

17.24 - "It will let everyone see games in a different way". What's 'It'!? #Nintendo #E3

17.25 - "Our new home console is the product to look forward to next year". WOW! #Nintendo #E3

17.27 - Nintendo president of America Reggie Fils-Aime joins the stage. "We hear you. You want something new". #Nintendo #E3

17.29 - First up - Mario Kart. "Now, it's a tricked out version you haven't driven before". A trailer plays. #Nintendo #E3

17.29 - Nice vibrant colour scheme on the 3DS screen. All the beloved Nintendo characters are making a return. #Nintendo #E3

17.30 - There's an underwater track, a jungle track and lots more. Vehicle customisation is also revealed. #Nintendo #E3

17.30 - The trailer ends. "This entirely new Mario Kart races into stores this holiday season". #Nintendo #E3

17.31 - Next up - Starfox on the 3DS. "Turning and tilting the system for yourself does the same for your [aircraft]". #Nintendo #E3

17.32 - As you're playing mutiplayer, you're able to turn your camera on and see other players! #Nintendo #E3

17.32 - Next up - Mario. "This is the first 3D Mario created from scratch for a portable system". #Nintendo #E3

17.33 - A trailer plays. Qwirky sound track, exciting jumping puzzles and raccoon suits! #Nintendo #E3

17.34 - We see Mario jumping across the keys of a giant piano, sliding down pipes and taking on Bowser! #Nintendo #E3

17.34 - Gamers will be able to play Super Mario before the end of the year. Next up - Kid Icarus: Uprising. Trailer time. #Nintendo #E3

17.35 - The trailer shows dragons and wide scale free roaming elements. The dialogue is crisp and multiplayer is possible. #Nintendo #E3

17.36 - A multiplayer fight is showcased. Looks exciting! There will also be boss battles to face. Trailer ends. #Nintendo #E3

17.36 - A Kid Icarus card game using the rear facing camera on the 3DS is also teased. #Nintendo #E3

17.37 - Lugi's Mansion 2! Looks lovely on the 3DS. Poor Luigi really is terrified of ghosts. #Nintendo #E3

17.38 - Lugi desperately tries to capture ghosts to varying success. Flying books, Egyptian tombs and mummy's! #Nintendo #E3

17.38 - "This is not a simple revision. It's an entirely new game featuring several new mansions". #Nintendo #E3

17.39 - Discussion moves to 3rd party developers. A trailer showcases their work. I see Resident Evil 3D and Ace Combat 3D #Nintendo #E3

17.40 - Tetris and Cave Story 3D, Resident Evil: Revelations, Driver: Renegade, Pac-man Dimensions, Tekken 3D #Nintendo #E3

17.40 - The trailer ends with a shot of Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D. The Nintendo e-shop will allow digital downloads. #Nintendo #E3

17.41 - Game demos will be available on the store. Looks nice. You can download Gameboy titles too! #Nintendo #E3

17.42 - 3D Pokemon!? Sounds incredible. "With Nintendo 3DS, an enhanced Pokedex has arrived". #Nintendo #E3

17.43 - You can trade Pokemon with a friend and even take a picture of your real-life self with your Pokemon! #Nintendo #E3

17.44 - It's exclusively for the 3DS online store at this time. You'll get some free Pokemon when you download it. #Nintendo #E3

17.45 - It's time to introduce a 'new gaming companion'. I sense a BIG announcement.. #Nintendo #E3

17.45 - "Welcome to the world of Wii-U". "It's a system we will all enjoy together". #Nintendo #E3

17.46 - "This is the new controller for Wii-u". A picture flashes up. Very nice looking. I spy dual analog sticks too. #Nintendo #E3

17.47 - Wii-u trailer begins. It's essentially a controller with a screen! You can switch from the TV to the controller instantly! #Nintendo #E3

17.48 - The screen on the controller is touch sensitive and comes with a stylus. We see it being integrated with Wii Sports! #Nintendo #E3

17.48 - A girl steps on the Wii balance board with the controller in her hands. There's no need for a TV! #Nintendo #E3

17.49 - You can make video calls with this new controller. There's a built-in camera on the front. Browse the net too! #Nintendo #E3

17.50 - We see Zelda being displayed on the TV and the inventory displayed on the controller. Genius! #Nintendo #E3

17.51 - "The new controller with 6.2 inch screen means you wont need to give up your gameplay when somebody needs the TV". #Nintendo #E3

17.51 - "This device is designed to appeal to all people - particularly experienced and dedicated players". #Nintendo #E3

17.52 - "It enables a rumble feature." Includes speakers, touchscreen, microphone, gyroscope and camera. #Nintendo #E3

17.53 - Essentially it's a Nintendo tablet. Note - "It's NOT designed to be a portable gaming machine". #Nintendo #E3

17.53 - "You can play in a number of ways and you can enjoy the most up-to-date high quality HD images". #Nintendo #E3

17.54 - "Games can be structured to use [the TV and the remote] at the same time". Clever, clever. #Nintendo #E3

17.55 - "More than anything, I'm looking forward to new styles of play in ways we haven't thought of yet". #Nintendo #E3

17.57 - Smash Brothers announced for both 3DS and Wii-u. The crowd go CRAZY. #Nintendo #E3

17.58 - "Of course, this is a product of the future". I look forward to hearing more about Smash Bros! #Nintendo #E3

17.59 - We're shown a trailer that reveals what Wii-u is truly capable of. #Nintendo #E3

18.01 - "The new controller can take the game off the TV and spread it all around you". We're seeing tech demos. #Nintendo #E3

18.02 - We see a demonstration showing how the device can be used with shooter games. #Nintendo #E3

18.03 - A title that is development for the Wii-u is officially confirmed - Lego: City Stories. Looks like a family version of GTA #Nintendo #E3

18.04 - A trailer plays. Consists of game developers discussing potential ideas and concepts. #Nintendo #E3

18.05 - The EA president says the Wii-u will "revolutionise gaming". Batman Arkham is coming to Wii-u!! #Nintendo #E3

18.06 - Future titles on the new platform: Darksiders 2, Batman, Dirt, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Ghost Recon! #Nintendo #E3

18.07 - The new Metro game is also coming! I've never seen graphics this good from Nintendo. #Nintendo #E3

18.08 - Tekken is shown, along with Ninja Gaiden 3! This gets a great reaction from the audience. #Nintendo #E3

18.09 - The game montaged ends. Applause. "We've got alot to look forward to". Lots of developers are adopting the new tech. #Nintendo #E3

18.10 - Electronic Arts CEO joins the stage. This looks exciting. #Nintendo #E3

18.11 - "Nintendo's new console will bring fantastic high definition graphics". The CEO says Battlefield 3 is made possible!? #Nintendo #E3

18.12 - The EA CEO rounds up. He looks forward to working with the new system. #Nintendo #E3

18.12 - Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Wii-u. "They share a common pedigree - Innovation". #Nintendo #E3

18.15 - Sounds like the conference is coming to an end. "On behalf of all of us, thankyou, and let the exploration begin". #Nintendo #E3

18.15 - This concludes my E3 coverage this year. Over 400 tweets later and we're done. Thanks for following! #Nintendo #E3
Sony Press Conference Coverage - Begins at 01.00 GMT

23.54 - Just over an hour until the Sony conference. What are you hoping to see? #Sony #E3

00.51 - 9 minutes until this years Sony conference. Be sure to follow me for updates. #Sony #E3

00.54 - Will they open with an apology for turning the network off for so long? #Sony #E3

00.57 - Incredibly excited about this one. Lets hope Sony deliver. #Sony #E3

00.59 - The Sony live stream has begun. Here we go! #Sony #E3

01.09 - Sony are running late. The stream is now replaced with a 'Sony Press Conference Preview'. #Sony #E3

01.12 - "We're minutes away from the stream". Not long to wait now. #Sony #E3

01.12 - Right, we're back on track. The preview show has ended. Here we go. #Sony #E3

01.17 - The lights fade. The stage is set. We begin with a tease of Sony's new handheld and then a montage of upcoming games. #Sony #E3

01.18 - The 'NGP' is shown in the trailer. The crowd have been given 3D glasses for certain segments of todays show. #Sony #E3

01.18 - I can spot Twisted Metal, Ratchet and Clank and God of War, amongst others. #Sony #E3

01.19 - The montage continues with flashes of Battlefield 3, Oblivion and Uncharted. #Sony #E3

01.21 - The montage comes to and end. Very well put together. Applause. Jack Tretton, CEO of Sony America comes to the stage. #Sony #E3

01.22 - Jack Tretton refers to the Playstation Network outage. He wants to discuss it. #Sony #E3

01.22 - "To our 3rd party publishing partners, I know the network outage has costed you". #Sony #E3

01.23 - The Sony CEO is doing very well at addressing a touchy subject. #Sony #E3

01.23 - Tretton refers to the consumers as the "lifeblood of the company". "I know we took you away from connecting with gaming". #Sony #E3

01.24 - "We are committed more than ever to making sure the Playstation experience is secure for everybody". #Sony #E3

01.25 - The Playstation Network generates 30% of Netflix's total usage. #Sony #E3

01.26 - Tretton begins to talk about the history of the Uncharted series. #Sony #E3

01.27 - Evan Wells and Christophe Balestra from Naughty Dog take to the stage to show an Uncharted 3 demo. #Sony #E3

01.28 - The player is seen on a ship. The sea waves are huge, it's pouring with rain. Particle effects are stunning. We go inside. #Sony #E3

01.28 - Nathan Drake takes down an enemy using the cover system. There's a clear emphasis on stealth at this point. #Sony #E3

01.29 - The character returns outside. The boat rocks back and fourth. Lighting effects are being showed off well. #Sony #E3

01.30 - Drake descends further. "It's got to be this way", he says. #Sony #E3

01.31 - Drake is caught after he makes a wrong move. He throws a grenade and blows a hole in the side of the ship. Gunfight ensures. #Sony #E3

01.31 - The water is slowly filling up the room in real time. Impressive stuff. hand-to-hand combat is used to full effect. #Sony #E3

01.32 - Drake swims upwards. The boat is now on its side, which is disorientating for the player. #Sony #E3

01.33 - Drake is completely controllable underwater. He breaks open an air vent and swins through it to safety. #Sony #E3

01.34 - The demonstration ends. The crowd cheer. "We wanted to bring the excitement to multiplayer too". #Sony #E3

01.35 - A trailer for the game is now shown in full 3D. A new female antagonist is revealed. #Sony #E3

01.35 - Looks like Drake's in search of an ancient treasure in Arabia. We see cityscapes, deserts, jungles and villages. #Sony #E3

01.36 - A true showcase of the Playstation's graphical potential. "11-1-11" appears on the screen. #Sony #E3

01.37 - Tretton moves on to introduce Insomniac Games. Marcus Smith arrives to show off Resistance 3. #Sony #E3

01.38 - Smith describes the story. "The player will be introduced to several young rebels". #Sony #E3

01.39 - A demonstration begins. Again, it's being shown in 3D. The player is fighting the 'chimera' in a destroyed city. #Sony #E3

01.39 - Futuristic weaponary looks like it'll guarantee a varied experience. Spaceships fly overhead. #Sony #E3

01.40 - A giant robotic spider climbs over the fallen wreckage. "Let's get that power core out of here", shouts a comrade. #Sony #E3

01.41 - The player runs as fast as he can as buildings fall down around him. The spider jumps in front of you. The demo ends. #Sony #E3

01.42 - Jack Tretton returns. "Resistance 3 is a perfect example of imersive gameplay". The 'Sharpshooter bundle' is revealed - $150 #Sony #E3

01.43 - God of War: Origins is a remastered version of the 1st 2 games. Ico and Shadow of the Colossus will be re-released too. #Sony #E3

01.44 - Tretton discusses the pricing of 3D. "We'll make it more affordable than ever". 2 new 3D hardware products.. #Sony #E3

01.45 - Introducing a Sony branded 3D screen. Also comes with technology that is able to spit the 3D screen for co-op gaming. Big applause #Sony #E3

01.45 - Secondly, Tretton reveals the affordable 3D glasses. They'll be bundled with the screen, a HDMI cable and Resistance 3. #Sony #E3

01.46 - "We're focused on bringing 3D to a new market". #Sony #E3

01.46 - Talk turns to the Playstation Move. It supports over 200 games. "It's been a tremendous success". #Sony #E3

01.47 - The team behind NBA 2k 12 take to the stage. They're introducing a new feature, NBA on the Playstation Move. #Sony #E3

01.48 - They're showing how easy it is to control the game with this new device. #Sony #E3

01.49 - "Anybody can pick up and play". Kobe Bryant from the Los Angeles Lakers joins the team on stage. #Sony #E3

01.52 - Kobe Bryant leaves the stage. Nice guy! The team promise lots more surprises in the future. #Sony #E3

01.53 - Tretton's back. Introducing 'Medieval Moves', a fantasy game that utilises the Playstation Move #Sony #E3

01.53 - The Move is used to throw throwing stars, shoot arrows and punch. #Sony #E3

01.55 - The demo continues. "If you perform the action, you'll perform it straight away in-game". #Sony #E3

01.56 - Secret paths can be revealed by shooting your surroundings. #Sony #E3

01.56 - Puzzle elements are introduced. The player uses Playstation move controls to solve it. #Sony #E3

01.57 - The player is on a balance beam. As he holds his arms out, the camera tracks his movement. #Sony #E3

01.59 - Tretton introduces a trailer for Infamous 2, which launches tomorrow. New powers and characters revealed. #Sony #E3

02.00 - Impressive destruction physics shown. The trailer ends. #Sony #E3

02.01 - Tretton explains how players will be able to create their own online missions. Focus moves to LittleBigPlanet. Move will be added. #Sony #E3

02.03 - The next game is a sequel to Warhawk entitled 'Starhawk'. Set for an early 2012 release. A trailer begins. #Sony #E3

02.04 - Sly Racoon is back! It's been a while. the trailer is made up of cell-shaded goodness. Sly is on the run from a chopper. #Sony #E3

02.05 - Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time. It's set for release in 2012. Now the Sony CEO welcomes CCP CEO Hilmar Petursson. #Sony #E3

02.06 - 'DUST' is announced. It will feature support for the Playstation Move and a dedicated Playstation Home space. #Sony #E3

02.07 - A demo begins. The player is in a spaceship. Below is a landing station. Bombs rain down from the sky. #Sony #E3

02.08 - We're now in space. We see a large-scale fleet of ships. "The world will burn before your very eyes", says the narrator. #Sony #E3

02.10 - Dust is a Playstation Network exclusive. Bioshock Infinite comes onto the screen. It's set in a city suspended above the clouds. #Sony #E3

02.13 - Ken Levine of Irrational Games arrives on stage. He admits he was skeptical of Playstation Move once, but he's been 'converted'! '#Sony #E3

02.14 - Levine pulls the NGP out of his pocket. Could Bioshock be coming to a handheld device in the future? #Sony #E3

02.15 - Consumers who buy the PS3 version of Bioshock Infinite will also be given Bioshock 1 for free. #Sony #E3

02.16 - Saints Row 3 will also offer exclusive content to Playstation owners, as will the upcoming Star Trek game. #Sony #E3

02.19 - Tretton reveals EA will be giving exclusive content to Playstation owners on SSX, Need for Speed: The Run and Battlefield 3. #Sony #E3

02.21 - Sony's Kazuo Hirai comes onto the stage. He says he learnt alot about consumers during the Playstation Network's downtime. #Sony #E3

02.22 - Kazuo announces Playstation Suite. It'll mean Playstation content is avaliable on androids and tablets. #Sony #E3

02.24 - The focus switches to the PSP. "We've created our next generation portable, introducing a dual touch pads and cameras". #Sony #E3

02.24 - Here we go. "What you've come to know as the NGP, is officially named Playstation Vita". BIG NEWS. #Sony #E3

02.25 - "The features alone are cutting edge". 2 analog sticks, sixaxis motion tech, front and rear cameras and touch pads. #Sony #E3

02.26 - Wifi and 3G version will be avaliable. A nice piece of kit. "We'll be partnering with at&t". Mixed reactions from the crowd. #Sony #E3

02.27 - "PS Vita users can voice chat live no matter where they are or what game they're playing". #Sony #E3

02.27 - Social networking product 'Near' is built into the Vita. Think of it as a Sony version of Facebook. #Sony #E3

02.28 - Scott Rhode comes onto the stage to show Playstation Vita in action. "Advanced technology is packed inside". #Sony #E3

02.29 - Uncharted: Golden Abyss is to be demonstrated. It's a Vita exclusive. John Garvin explains further. #Sony #E3

02.30 - A camera points at the Vita as we're shown gameplay. The graphics look incredible for a handheld device. #Sony #E3

02.30 - Advanced water effects and dynamic lighting are made possible with this new device. #Sony #E3

02.31 - You can use traditional controls OR touch controls on this handheld Uncharted game. Tilt functions are shown too. #Sony #E3

02.32 - The person playing drags his finger across the screen, making Nathan Drake swing from a branch. #Sony #E3

02.32 - I've never seen graphics this impressive on a handheld. Just saying. #Sony #E3

02.23 - The question on my mind is the price for this Playstation Vita. It hasn't been mentioned yet. #Sony #E3

02.35 - Jeff Richards and Travis Williams (I love Travis..) come onto the stage. Introucing 'Ruin', an action-based RPG. #Sony #E3

02.36 - "We've created a dynamic battlefield". We can see gameplay now. Your reflexes will be tested. #Sony #E3

02.38 - This is for the Playstation Vita primarily, but can also be played on the PS3 t any time! Very impressive save system shown off. #Sony #E3

02.39 - "Playstation Vita lets you play at home or on the go". You can transfer saves onto the PS3. #Sony #E3

02.40 - Modnation Racers for Playstation Vita is announced, it's NOT a port, it's entirely new. #Sony #E3

02.40 - Using the Vita, you can draw a track on the screen and then drive it! The touch controls are used to full effect. #Sony #E3

02.41 - The terrain can be altered using the touch panel on the back of the device. #Sony #E3

02.44 - Owners of Modnation Racers on Vita will have access to over 2,000,000 tracks made by PS3 owners. #Sony #E3

02.45 - Cloud saves, online competition and content sharing - The Vita and the PS3 can sync together. #Sony #E3

02.46 - A trailer for LittleBigPlanet on Vita begins. Looks beautifully simple yet complicated at the same time. #Sony #E3

02.48 - Tekken meets Street Fighter on the Playstation Vita!? A stunned audience. #Sony #E3

02.50 - The 'Street Fighter X Tekken project' is coming to Playstation Vita. Cole from Infamous will be in it too! #Sony #E3

02.51 - We're now shown some gameplay. The Infamous character makes an apperence. Lots of arcade-esque fighting goodness. #Sony #E3

02.53 - That seems to be the end of Vita discussion, but how much will it cost!? #Sony #E3

02.53 - We're shown a montage of games set to arrive on the Playstation Vita #Sony #E3

02.57 - Pricing time. WiFi model - $249 (£150) 3G model - $299 (£180) - That's a very good price, in my opinion. Very good. #Sony #E3

02.59 - This concludes the Playstation Vita talk. It looked great. Jack Tretton returns. Sounds like he's wrapping up. #Sony #E3

03.01 - We're now shown a final montage trailer. The screen lifts up to reveal a line of people playing drums. #Sony #E3

03.03 - This concludes my coverage of the Sony press conference. Be sure to join me tomorrow at 6pm GMT for Nintendo coverage. #Sony #E3

Ubisoft Press Conference Coverage - Begins at 10.30 GMT

21.39 - What do Ubisoft have lined up for us? Follow me on Twitter when I begin my updates at 10.30 GMT #Ubisoft #E3

22.20 - 10 minutes until Ubisoft's press conference for E3 2011. Be sure to follow me for updates. #Ubisoft #E3

22.29 - The Ubisoft stream has begun. Here we go! #Ubisoft #E3

22.30 - We begin with a montage entitled "25 years of Ubisoft". We see some classics like Rayman and Splinter Cell #Ubisoft #E3

22.31 - It's nice to see a mixture of old and new in the montage. A nice way to start the conference. #Ubisoft #E3

22.32 - Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot comes to the stage. "There is no better time to be in gaming than right now". #Ubisoft #E3

22.33 - The CEO welcomes the creator of the original Rayman. "Rayman Origins" appears on screen. #Ubisoft #E3

22.35 - The players attempt to navigate through a temple ducking and diving to avoid danger. #Ubisoft #E3

22.36 - It's a side-scrolling platformer by the looks of it. Similar to the original, but remastered in HD #Ubisoft #E3

22.37 - The players are now underwater. The soundtrack is so beautifully quirky! The music suddenly stops and a sea monster appears! #Ubisoft #E3

22.38 - It looks like a mini boss fight. The players successfully escape. It's possible to play the game with a friend. #Ubisoft #E3

22.39 - A game that's extremely pleasing to the eye. The players are now on a mountain side. #Ubisoft #E3

22.40 - The players are working together to reach the end of the level. This will be great to play with friends. #Ubisoft #E3

22.41 - Looks like the demo's wrapping up. 4 player co-op is possible, says the creator. #Ubisoft #E3

22.42 - Ubisoft's Aaron Priceman comes onto the stage. Ubisoft's been going for 25 years. We're going for a trip down memory lane. #Ubisoft #E3

22.43 - "Today, gaming is sharing and gaming is life". #Ubisoft #E3

22.45 - "Gaming is adventure" says Aaron. Driver: San Francisco is announced! #Ubisoft #E3

22.45 - A trailer for Driver beings. A brand Ubisoft is proud of. We see the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. Fluid visuals. #Ubisoft #E3

22.46 - We see a police chase sequence. Presumably we'll be escaping police cars a great deal! There's hints of a prison break. #Ubisoft #E3

22.47 - The camera zooms outwards and we're greeted with an overview of the city. The trailer ends. Aaron promises "massive scope". #Ubisoft #E3

22.48 - "The multiplayer is ground-breaking", boasts the producer. Next up - Ubisoft Montreal's Dan Hay and Jamie Keen join. #Ubisoft #E3

22.49 - "You're trapped on a mysterious island with a dark secret" teases Hay. A trailer begins. We're in a jungle. Looks stunning. #Ubisoft #E3

22.49 - The player looks through a camera to see what looks like a group of hostages. The player is spotted and knocked out. #Ubisoft #E3

22.50 - The player awakes and is tied to a chair. A man is sat opposite. It's the same man who knocked you out. #Ubisoft #E3

22.52 - He gets uncontrollable. The player desperately tries to break free. The exotic setting looks fantastic. #Ubisoft #E3

22.52 - The player is pushed off the side of a cliff and is attached to a sinking stone. He tries to break free and just manages. #Ubisoft #E3

22.52 - The player rises to the surface and finds himself in a cave. He takes down a guard from behind and picks up a gun. #Ubisoft #E3

22.53 - The water effects are stunning and the wind seems to be having an effect on the surroundings. The player sprints to cover. #Ubisoft #E3

22.53 - We find ourselves in the compound from the start of the game. A helicopter circles above. #Ubisoft #E3

22.54 - A gunfight breaks out. The cover system is well implemented. A radar tells the player where he is being shot from. #Ubisoft #E3

22.55 - The player hijacks the helicopter and shoots from the window as it rises. It's hit by a rocket. #Ubisoft #E3

22.55 - The player drags himself from the wreckage of the fallen chopper. It's FAR CRY 3! #Ubisoft #E3

22.56 - Didn't see that coming!? Far Cry 3 looks fantastic. Next up - the president of gearbox Software Randy Pitchford. #Ubisoft #E3

22.57 - Pitchford discusses the 'Brothers in Arms' franchise. "This is an entirely new take on World war 2". #Ubisoft #E3

22.58 - "The story of this squad is incredible". A trailer plays. We're being introduced to the 'furious 4'. #Ubisoft #E3

22.58 - We're at a bar. Suddenly a fight breaks out. It's incredibly gory yet humorous too. reminds me of 'Inglorious Basterds'. #Ubisoft #E3

22.59 - It's almost cartoon-like. A massive change in direction for Gearbox studios.#Ubisoft #E3

23.00 - A new trailer. Stephen Spielberg is on screen. He's talking about 'Tintin'. "We based the world of the film around the game". #Ubisoft #E3

23.01 - "The adventure of Tintin is a co-operative adventure". #Ubisoft #E3

23.02 - It's a bright, vibrant game world. Almost looks cell shaded in segments, but not fully. Very 'Disney'! #Ubisoft #E3

23.02 - We see car chase sequences, fight sequences, jumping segments and sinking ship escapes! #Ubisoft #E3

23.04 - The trailer ends. We're now looking at Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier #Ubisoft #E3

23.05 - Time for some gameplay. Another jungle setting. We're seeing lots of jungle at this years E3! #Ubisoft #E3

23.06 - Admittedly the visuals aren't as impressive as those of Far Cry 3. A squad of soldiers hide in a river with the enemy up ahead. #Ubisoft #E3

23.06 - There's more of an emphasis of stealth here. In this way it's similar to other entries into the series. #Ubisoft #E3

23.07 - We're now looking at 4 person co-op. 3 people on stage grab a controller and join the action #Ubisoft #E3

23.08 - The squad works their way through a village in the jungle. A firefight breaks out. Civilians scream and run for cover. #Ubisoft #E3

23.08 - Reaching the oil harbour is the new objective. The player is able to place markers on a map. #Ubisoft #E3

23.09 - The player has some kind of invisibility device. Very futuristic as the title suggests! #Ubisoft #E3

23.10 - This invisibility device will add a new mechanic to the game. Looks similar to the 'Octocamo' in Metal Gear Solid. #Ubisoft #E3

23.10 - It didn't work perfectly, though. The team have been spotted. Teamwork will help them to navigate the area. #Ubisoft #E3

23.11 - It falls silent. Targets eliminated. The squad move on. The team open a hangar door to reveal a man with a bag on his head. #Ubisoft #E3

23.12 - He's being referred to as the 'VIP'. The squad attempt to leave the area but are met with more enemies. #Ubisoft #E3

23.13 - The demo ends. The game boasts the "most refined cover system out there". #Ubisoft #E3

23.14 - Developed by Ubisoft Singapore, Tom Clancy Online will be coming to the PC, FREE OF CHARGE! #Ubisoft #E3

23.14 - A trailer for the online entry into the series begins to play. "Alone you fight, together you dominate", says the trailer. #Ubisoft #E3

23.17 - That's all for Ghost Recon. We're now being introduced to Trickmania 2. #Ubisoft #E3

23.19 - We've just seen a trailer for Trackmania 2. Expect some fast-paced racing gameplay #Ubisoft #E3

23.22 - That's it for Trackmania. It turns out the 'Rabbids' are making their way to the Kinect. #Ubisoft #E3

23.22 - The demonstrator is waving his arms and hitting the Rabbids on screen! #Ubisoft #E3

23.23 - You will be able to play with up to 4 players on Raving Rabbids: Alive and Kicking. We're seeing mini-games now. #Ubisoft #E3
23.24 - The players are putting themselves into odd positions on the stage floor as part of one of the mini-games! #Ubisoft #E3

23.26 - Demonstration over. Now we're looking at the Just Dance 3 logo. A trailer beings. Shows people dancing in their living rooms! #Ubisoft #E3

23.27 - A very feel-good experience. People look very odd playing this game! Kinect and Playstation Move integration showcased. #Ubisoft #E3

23.28 - Tony Key comes onto the stage. "Just Dance is a brand that came out of nowhere and became a phenomenon". #Ubisoft #E3

23.30 - Tony introduces 'Rocksmith'."Rocksmith is able to teach you to play guitar with relative ease. #Ubisoft #E3

23.31 - "It's really fun for beginners and pros". You can play the game with a real guitar! #Ubisoft #E3

23.32 - The focus goes from music to fitness. We're now looking at Your Shape, a 'fitness experience'. A trailer plays. #Ubisoft #E3

23.33 - We see people jogging and dancing. This game looks like it was built with the Kinect in mind. #Ubisoft #E3

23.35 - Introducing Assassins Creed: Revelations! The crowd roars. #Ubisoft #E3

23.36 - Alex Amancio and creative director Martin Schelling take to the stage. After a short introduction, a trailer begins. #Ubisoft #E3

23.37 - A hooded man is seen being dragged by guards. The trailer consists of a beautifully pre-rendered fight sequence. #Ubisoft #E3

23.39 - The trailer ends with the hooded man about to be hanged. "What began as a pilgrimage has turned into a race against time".#Ubisoft #E3

23.39 - We're being spoilt! A liive gameplay demo begins. We're in the inner city. The player navigates through the streets. #Ubisoft #E3

23.40 - The player is handed a bomb by a friend. He works his way through the crowded town market. #Ubisoft #E3

23.41 - The assassin throws the bomb to the ground and the crowd disperse. Guards run towards him and a fight ensures. #Ubisoft #E3

23.42 - The assassin deals with the guards. He's at a ship dock. Using the chain of a docked ship he pulls down the lighthouse. #Ubisoft #E3

23.42 - Another fight sequence. The mechanics are similar to those demonstrated in the other games in the series. #Ubisoft #E3

23.43 - The player reaches a ship and mounts a large flamethrower. He burns down surrounding ships. The particle effects are great!#Ubisoft #E3

23.43 - The whole fleet of ships are surrounded by flames. The assassin uses the sails to swing to safety. #Ubisoft #E3

23.45 - Using the ships ropes as a zipline, the assassin continues to navigate hgimself to safety. It's confirmed - You play as Ezio! #Ubisoft #E3

23.45 - The trailer ends. The game looks like it will do the series justice. Great set pieces. #Ubisoft #E3

23.46 - This concludes the Ubisoft conference. It's been a great 25 years for the company! #Ubisoft #E3

23.47 - Be sure to follow my updates when I continue coverage at the Sony conference later, starting at 1am GMT. #E3

EA Press Conference Coverage - Begins at 8.30 GMT

19.41 - Looking forward to today's EA conference. On a personal note, I'm excited to see more of SSX. EA's conference will begin at 8.30GMT. I'll be posting live updates. #EA #E3

20.02 - I can guarantee we'll be seeing some Battlefield gameplay at this conference. Exciting times. #EA #E3

20.20 - The EA conference begins in 10 minutes. Follow me on Twitter or on the blog to stay up to date #EA #E3

20.29 - The live stream has begun. Be sure to follow me for live coverage. #EA #E3

20.32 - We open with a trailer for Mass Effect 3. The crowd cheers. The stage welcomes Casey Hudson #EA #E3

20.33 - "We're giving players new to the series the chance to jump into the universe when the action is at its peak". A live demo begins. #EA #E3

20.34 - The gameplay we're seeing is impressive. The commander opens a 'blast shield'. A missile is launched into the opening. #EA #E3

20.35 - Enemies on jetpacks are dropped from a ship hovering above. The player is in the heat of battle. #EA #E3

20.35 - The player grabs a turret mounted to a vehicle and attempts to destroy a gigantic mech spider #EA #E3

20.36 -The mech isn't going down without a fight! A chase sequence follows. The demo ends. The crowd cheer. #EA #E3

20.37 - "Mass Effect 3 will be the best game in the series". Set release date - March 6th #EA #E3

20.37 - The Mass Effect 3 showcase finished up with a trailer. The focus for this entry is on large-scale battles. #EA #E3

20.40 - EA CEO John Riccitiello is on stage. Next up is a racing franchise - Need For Speed. #EA #E3

20.40 - "Need for Speed: The Run is packed with the hottest cars on the planet". #EA #E3

20.41 - "Every second of every race counts". For the first time ever, players will be able to travel on foot. #EA #E3

20.41 - We're now seeing a live demo. A race beings in Chicago. Intense soundtrack and intense fast-paced gameplay. #EA #E3

20.45 - The chase continues. Helicopter gunfire, police brutality. An exhilarating experience. #EA #E3

20.46 - Bioware's Greg Zeschuk comes onto the stage. Star Wars: The Old Republic logo displayed behind him. #EA #E3

20.47 - "The Old Republic represents huge devotion and sacrifice and its been absolutely worth it". #EA #E3

20.48 - Zeschuk leaves the stage. A trailer plays. "For centuries, the galaxy knew peace - until the empire returned". #EA #E3

20.49 - The trailer reveals a battle of good and evil. The Jedi and the empire. Intense space battles and ground combat. #EA #E3

20.50 - "Choose your side", says the trailer. It looks like players will decide their own path. #EA #E3

20.51 - The EA logo fades onto the screen. Smoke is poured into the room. We see an icy mountain. It's SSX, surely!? #EA #E3

20.52 - It is SSX! I've never seen this trailer before, It's an E3 exclusive. Gameplay looks to have an arcade feel. It's all about scale. #EA #E3

20.52 - It looks remarkable. Players are seen dropping from helicopters onto the mountain side. Set for a January 2012 release date. #EA #E3

20.53 - "We're reinventing this incredible franchise". Players will be able to drop into 'every major mountain range on the planet'. #EA #E3

20.54 - Not all the SSX characters have been revealed yet, but they will be shown on EA's Facebook page #EA #E3

20.54 - Talk moves to FIFA 12. FIFA 11 earnt 51 awards around the world. #EA #E3

20.55 - "FIFA is quite simply, the world's game". EA Sport's Matt Bilbey takes to the stage. #EA #E3

20.55 - "This will be the most realistic FIFA ever". Tactical defending, advanced tackle physics, off-the-ball control. #EA #E3

20.56 - The new 'Player Impact Engine' has been the product of 2 years development. #EA #E3

20.57 - Matt ends his speech and a trailer begins. We see famous personalties such as Wayne Rooney discussing the game. #EA #E3

20.58 - Jack Wilshere of Arsenal FC shares his love for the franchise. #EA #E3

20.59 - The trailer ends and is met with applause. "Our game brings people around the world closer to the sport they love". #EA #E3

21.00 - Matt announces 'EA Sports Football Club'. "At it's core, it's social. A revolutionary way for fans to compete". #EA #E3

21.00 - EA Sports Football Club will also be pushed onto other platforms such as mobile devices and the iPad. #EA #E3

21.01 - Players can play matches based on recent real-world matches. #EA #E3

21.01 - "With EA Sports Football Club, FIFA 12 is the next generation of sports game". #EA #E3

21.02 - FIFA talk ends with a trailer. Next up - American football! A trailer plays for the new entry into the Madden series. #EA #E3

21.04 - NFL personalities take to the stage. Unfortunately my knowledge here is lacking, not sure who they are. #EA #E3

21.06 - It's Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis, Peyton Hillis of the Green Bay packers and Clay Wilson. #EA #E3

21.07 - The players leave the stage looking rather sweaty. #EA #E3

21.08 - The Sims Social is announced, bringing the Sims experience to Facebook. "It's completely different - you play with your friends". #EA #E3

21.08 - A trailer for the Sims demonstrates its relationship with Facebook. Friends can send invites and join each other in-game. #EA #E3

21.09 - "How will you play?" asks the trailer as we fade to black. Next up, 2 new games coming from EA partners. #EA #E3

21.10 - Founder and CEO of '38 studios', Curt Shilling announces 'Reckoning'. A trailer plays. #EA #E3

21.12 - "Potentially hundreds of hours of gameplay". Looks like an action RPG. Another trailer shows what to expect. "A hero is born". #EA #E3

21.12 - There's a emphasis on the use of magic and combat. Trolls, Knights, Dragons. Coming in 2012. #EA #E3

21.13 - Ted Price of Insomniac Games joins the stage. "We're excited to expand to the Xbox audience". Introducing Overstrike. #EA #E3

21.14 - The Overstrike team in the game are described as 'misfits'. Trailer plays. Visuals are impressive. #EA #E3

21.15 - A character says "I'm a people person". The trailer cuts to him beating up enemy soldiers! #EA #E3

21.15 - The trailer is introducing us to the team of misfits person by person. There's a sense of humour engrained in the gameplay. #EA #E3

21.16 - Kinect hasn't been mentioned so far at the EA conference. Strange as it was focused upon so heavily at the Microsoft conference. #EA #E3

21.17 - Overstrike finishes. We're onto Battlefield 3. The crowd cheer. A trailer plays. Chaos everywhere. #EA #E3

21.18 - General Manager of Battlefield devloper DICE Karl Magnus Troedsson joins the stage. The game uses a new engine, 'Frostbite 2'. #EA #E3

21.19 - A trailer showcases what the new game engine is capable of. Collapsing buildings. Collisions. Scale. Very impressive. #EA #E3

21. 19 - A great response from the audience. "The game comes alive with the sights and sounds of real war". #EA #E3

21.20 - We're now shown multiplayer. A map set in central Paris. Players are seen in tanks and jeeps. An abandoned subway is also shown. #EA #E3

21.21 - "Today, I'm happy to announce you will experience all this with our multi-platform open beta in September". #EA #E3

21.22 - Executive producer of Battlefield 3 now plays a segment of the game. We're in the desert. The draw distance is incredible. #EA #E3

21.22 - Smoke effects are stunning. The player is in a convoy driving towards the smoke. Radio static hums. #EA #E3

21.23 - Tanks roll along with the convoy. The sun obscures the players vision. A nice but subtle effect. #EA #EA #E3

21.24 - Suddenly tanks open fire on the convoy. The player is in control of the turret as the convoy attempts to defend itself. #EA #E3

21.25 - Again, particle effects look great. The audio is also very well done. Missiles rain down from the sky. #EA #E3

21.25 - The player switches to an alternate vision allowing him to see through the smoke. The convoy successfully defend themselves. #EA #E3

21.26 - The player switches to a birds-eye view, allowing him to control an airstrike. #EA #E3

21.27 - This is a long gameplay demonstration. Clearly there's alot to show. #EA #E3

21.28 - I believe this gameplay is taken from the PC version. It'll most certainly be visually superior to the console versions. #EA #E3

21.30 - The player continues to destroy the enemy compound. Jets fly overhead. The demonstration ends with a release date - October 25th #EA #E3

21.31 - The EA conference is wrapping up. We've seen some interesting titles. #EA #E3

21.32 - I'll be continuing my E3 coverage at 10.30 GMT. See you at the Ubisoft conference! #EA #E3

Microsoft Press Conference Coverage - Begins at 5.30 GMT

17.05 - Just under 30 minutes until E3 kicks off this year. The first press conference will be Microsoft's. I'll be posting updates here and on the blog. #E3 #Microsoft

17.18 - The official Battlefield Twitter account hints we'll be seeing some Battlefield 3 gameplay today, but we already knew that. #E3

17.25 - 5 Minutes until the opening conference. Rumours of a new Batman game and Modern Warfare 3 gameplay are making the rounds #E3 #Microsoft

17.30 - IGN's live coverage has begun. Lets hope for a good show. #E3 #Microsoft

17.32 - The conference opens with Modern Warfare 3 gameplay. Looks like a partial playthrough of the "hunter killer" level. #E3 #Microsoft

17.34 - Underwater gameplay from the latest entry into the Call of Duty series. Graphics look impressive, gameplay's fluid. #E3 #Microsoft

17.36 - The players are asked to use the sonar to navigate. The player rises to the surface. A fight on ground level breaks out. #E3 #Microsoft

17.37 - Visually the game's very impressive. Water effects in particular very nicely done. We're now seeing a submarine escape! #E3 #Microsoft

17.39 - Fighter jets fly ahead. The battlefield we're looking at is massive. The player escapes in a boat as gunfire rains down. #E3 #Microsoft

17.41 - The Modern Warfare 3 demonstration comes to an end. It looks fantastic. Great set pieces and visually stunning. #E3 #Microsoft

17.42 - Microsoft's Don Mattrick takes to the stage. "I'd like to thank our fans for their loyal support". #E3 #Microsoft

17. 43 - Don steps to the side. Crystal Dynamics take to the stage. "We're here to give you a world premier of Tomb Raider". #E3 #Microsoft

17.44 - Tomb Raider demo begins. Lara is seen suspended from the roof in a bag. She wriggles free. #E3 #Microsoft

17.45 - In terms of content, It looks like a much darker and spookier take on Tomb Raider. #E3 #Microsoft

17.46 - Lara looks much younger in this game. She's been given a complete redesign.  #E3 #Microsoft

17.47 - The use of fire is key to Lara's survival. Jumping mechanics look great.  #E3 #Microsoft

17.48 - Lara falls down a rock shaft. Boulders falling all around her. Escape sequence. #E3 #Microsoft

17.49 - Silence. Looks like she escaped! Camera pans to reveal a coastal setting. #E3 #Microsoft

17.50 - President of EA Sports takes to the stage. Discusses the use of 'Kinect' with sports games. #E3 #Microsoft

17.51 - Bioware's Ray Muzyka takes to the stage. Mass Effect 3 gameplay coming up? #E3 #Microsoft

17.52 - "I'm pleased to announce Mass Effect 3 will also use Kinect". Gameplay comes onto the screen. #E3 #Microsoft

17.55 - Mass Effect 3 will make use of the Kinect's voice recognition software. Gameplay continues. #E3 #Microsoft

17.56 - Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon trailer plays on screen. Desert setting. Tactical Gameplay. #E3 #Microsoft

17.57 - Slow motion, operatic trailer! A nice effect. Showcases damage and gore. #E3 #Microsoft

17.58 - Co-founder of Ubisoft takes to the stage to discuss Ghost Recon and its relationship with Kinect #E3 #Microsoft

17.59 - Ghost Recon: Future Soldier uses Kinect's body tracking to customise guns at the 'gunsmith' menu #E3 #Microsoft

18.00 - The demo shows Kinect using its tracking capability being used at a target range. #E3 #Microsoft

18.01 - Ubisoft co-founder - "All future titles in the Tom Clancy franchise will leverage Kinect". #E3 #Microsoft

18.03 - Xbox Live now becomes the focus. "Through the magic of Kinect, you can use your voice to control your entertainment". #E3 #Microsoft

18.04 - The Xbox Live HUD is being controlled entirely through Kinect's voice recognition. #E3 #Microsoft

18.05 - "YouTube is coming to Xbox Live". The crowd cheers. How will this be integrated? #E3 #Microsoft

18.05 - "We're excited to announce Bing is coming to Xbox". You can search the web by speaking aloud what you're looking for. #E3 #Microsoft

18.06 - "Bing on Xbox gives you effortless discovery. You say it, Xbox finds it". #E3 #Microsoft

18.07 - "This is the year live television comes to Xbox 360". Microsoft is doing its best to develop relationships with networks. #E3 #Microsoft

18.07 - A trailer plays on the screen, summarises what's just been discussed. #E3 #Microsoft

18.09 - Trailer shows pause functions, play functions, search functions. Dana White, president of the UFC, takes to the stage. #E3 #Microsoft

18.09 - UFC montage plays on screen. No gameplay yet, the footage comes from actual fights. #E3 #Microsoft

18.11 - Phil Spencer of Microsoft Studios takes to the stage. Gears of War 3 trailer plays on screen. #E3 #Microsoft

18.13 - Clif Bleszinski takes to the stage. Thanks those who took part in the beta. GOW3 gameplay begins. #E3 #Microsoft

18.14 - Gameplay demo begins. Visuals are impressive. Some kind of sea monster smashes through building. #E3 #Microsoft

18.15 - Randomly, Ice-T is playing the game alongside Bleszinski. Gameplay continues. #E3 #Microsoft

18.16 - The players confront the giant sea monster. It looks angry! Cover system being used to full effect. #E3 #Microsoft

18.17 - The leviathan is massive. It's spitting out smaller enemies at the players. #E3 #Microsoft

18.18 - The demo ends. A cheer from the crowd. Crytek logo fades onto screen. A Roman coliseum is seen in the trailer. What is this? #E3 #Microsoft

18.19 - The trailer for this unknown game shows a dog walking through a ruined Rome. "A hero will rise". Kinect support demonstrated. #E3 #Microsoft

18.20 - "You are the warrior" boasts the trailer. The game is called Ryse. Halo theme music begins to play #E3 #Microsoft

18.21 - "The campaign of the decade remade and remastered". Looks like the old Halo's being revisited! "Enhanced and updated". #E3 #Microsoft

18.21 - Co-op will be added. "Halo - Combat Evolved Anniversary". The crowd cheers. #E3 #Microsoft

18.22 - Forza Motorsport 4 promises to "transform the racing genre". No more news from Halo. #E3 #Microsoft

18.22 - "Today, we're proud to show you Forza Motorsport 4". Trailer plays. Graphics are stunning. Customisation looks extensive. #E3 #Microsoft

18.23 - "Power" by Kanye West accompanies trailer. The game will integrate Kinect. #E3 #Microsoft

18.24 - Trailer ends. Available October. Creative Director of Lionhead Studios Peter Molyneux takes to the stage. #E3 #Microsoft

18.25 - Trailer for Fable: The Journey begins. "When heroes are no longer born. They must be made". #E3 #Microsoft

18.26 - "Albion's end is coming. All that matters now is the journey". Trailer ends, gameplay demo begins. #E3 #Microsoft

18.26 - Kinect is being used in a number of ways, including navigating a horse and cart and casting magic spells. #E3 #Microsoft

18.27 - Fireballs flung at gremlins by the player. A town bell rings. Looks like the players been spotted. #E3 #Microsoft

18.28 - The gameplay demo ends with a shot of a large enemy charging at the player. Phil Spencer returns to the stage. #E3 #Microsoft

18.29 - Phil Spencer discusses Minecraft, which is 'making its console debut exclusively this Winter on Xbox 360 and Kinect'. #E3 #Microsoft

18.30 - Kinect: Disneyland Adventures is announced. The actual park has been entirely recreated digitally. Looks impressive. #E3 #Microsoft

18.31 - 2 Children on stage playing Peter Pan mini-game using the Kinect. Nice cartoony visuals. #E3 #Microsoft

18.31 - Phil returns. "Let's jump through the looking glass into Alice in Wonderland". Another mini-game. #E3 #Microsoft

18.32 - Characters race down a hill in bubbles. Demonstration ends. The game will be available 'this holiday'. Another exclusive. #E3 #Microsoft

18.33 - Star Wars theme starts playing. The crowd roars! Trailer begins. #E3 #Microsoft

18.34 - Kinect: Star Wars trailer shows how the technology is used to control planes, podracers and lighsabers! #E3 #Microsoft

18.37 - Kinect is really being pushed here. It seems to be vital to the games mechanics. #E3 #Microsoft

18.38 - The demo ends. No more Star Wars for now. Tim Schafer of 'Double Fine' takes to the stage to show Sesame Street game! #E3 #Microsoft

18.39 - The game is being used to teach children 'valuable lessons'. Interesting idea. The monsters are strangely adorable. #E3 #Microsoft

18.39 - A man and a boy take to the stage to demonstrate how the game works. They're dancing around and growling! #E3 #Microsoft

18.42 - Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster demo ends. It'll come out 'this fall' exclusively for Kinect. #E3 #Microsoft

18.43 -  Kinect creative director Kudo Tsunoda announces 'Kinect: Fun Labs". #E3 #Microsoft

18.44 - Fun Labs demo shows how it's possible to put yourself into the game. You can create an avatar of yourself by taking a picture #E3 #Microsoft

18.46 - "With Kinect: Fun Labs we're going to unlock your creative side". 'Finger tracking' tech is showcased, allows drawing in 3D #E3 #Microsoft

18.46 - "With Kinect, developers can build any type of experience." Good Science studio head takes to the stage. #E3 #Microsoft

18.47 - The demonstrator takes a cuddly toy, the camera takes a picture and the tech makes a digital version of it in-game! #E3 #Microsoft

18.48 - "Kinect: Fun Labs highlights new Kinect features". "Always fresh, always new". It goes live TODAY. #E3 #Microsoft

18.50 - Kinect: Sports trailer begins. We see skiing, golf, darts, tennis and more. Producer Nicole Makila takes to the stage. #E3 #Microsoft

18.50 - Nicole begins to play Golf. She uses Kinect's motion tracking to tee off. Luckily didn't land in the sand bunker! #E3 #Microsoft

18.51 - Nicole uses her voice to change which club she's using. "I'll adjust my body position to line up the putt". #E3 #Microsoft

18.52 - We're now looking at 2 guys on stage playing American football. Using body motions to pass and run #E3 #Microsoft

18.52 - These guys are funny. They're really getting into the game. Lots of shouting and football chants! #E3 #Microsoft

18.53 - Kasson Crooker from Harmonix takes to the stage. He's here to show Dance Central 2. #E3 #Microsoft

18.54 - We're now seeing a dance battle unfold. 2 players take to the stage. Impressive moves! Kinect looks well integrated. #E3 #Microsoft

18.56 - Dance time is over. Don Mattrick takes to the stage. He summarises what we've seen. "A new generation of interactive games". #E3 #Microsoft

18.57 - "Games like Mass Effect 3 , FIFA and every Tom Clancy game will get better with Kinect". #E3 #Microsoft

18.57 - It's wrapping up. A final trailer begins. I'm excited. #E3 #Microsoft

18.59 - HALO. HALO. HALO. A short trailer ends to reveal the text: "HALO 4". The crowd goes insane. 'Holiday 2012'. #E3 #Microsoft

This concludes my live coverage of the Microsoft Press Conference


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