Sunday, 9 October 2011

WINOL - Week #2 Thoughts

Winol - Week 2 Analysis

So we've just had our second week of WINOL and it certainly wasn't an easy ride.

Obviously, we're still fairly new to the whole procedure, but that's no excuse for not getting the bulletin out on time. On a personal note, I could have done a couple of things better that would not only have helped me out, but also the rest of the team.

Firstly, my drone package. I thought it was a promising piece. There were some nice 'sequences' tucked away in there and some good footage courtesy of the University of Southampton that I was able to use with permission. As was pointed out, however, the fact that I didn't name my interviewee was slightly fishy. It's clearly an issue because it leads people to question where I got the quote from. Obviously, I know the source is genuine, but the audience don't.

I've since spoken to Rachel (The name of the girl I interviewed in the package) and she has given me permission to use her full name. Better late than never, I suppose. I've taken advantage of this and put her full name in my written version of the package. I may re-record the link for the video version of the story so It's safe to upload to YouTube or wherever else.

Secondly, my audio. In terms of levels, it was a big improvement from last time. The volume remained at a steady level and there were no sudden dips in the quality of my voice either. Frustratingly (I'm still kicking myself for this) the audio captured from my Skype interview would not transmit through the sound system in the gallery. It was completely unexpected because the audio was fine during editing and even after being rendered / exported. I checked the package multiple times before handing it over to the production team, and was bloody annoyed when it wouldn't work in the studio.

I still have no idea why this happened so I'll look into it. Strange. My only guesses to potential solutions would be to either render the Skype interview audio separately or alternatively save it in a different format. Either way, it's too late now and that's really disappointing.

Fingers crossed next week runs a little smoother. Although I had issues with my audio, I thought my video was miles better than my first piece for WINOL.


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