Sunday, 16 October 2011

WINOL - Week #3 Thoughts

Winol - Week 3 Analysis

Another week at Winol and things are slowly starting to look better. First of all, I thought the overall bulletin as a whole was our best one so far. It wasn't without its issues, but it was a vast improvement on Week 2.

My video package was decent. Not amazing, really. There are a number of things I thought I did poorly. It was pointed out to me that some of my sequences were quite dull. I think that's a fair criticism. I think my main issue with getting stories is I never collect enough GV's. It's much better to have a large selection of shots to pick and choose from rather than just afew that you have to repeatedly use or slow down to give the viewers something to look at.

I'm going to aim to get alot more GV's to pick and choose from in the future. Another thing I thought was pretty silly was how I ended my package with "Only time will tell..". It seemed unprofessional and it sort of just left the story in the air. It didn't really give the package a solid conclusion. That needs fixing.

I'm still yet to produce something I'm really genuinely pleased with, which is frustrating. I suppose if there's anything positive to take away from my experiences so far is that I'm certainly learning from the mistakes I'm making. I'm starting to get into the swing of things in terms of timing, editing and approaching new stories. Saying that, however, my story balance needs improving.


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