Thursday, 20 October 2011

WINOL - Week #4 Thoughts

WINOL - Week 4 Analysis

So week 4 has been and gone and it was easily the most stressful week I've had since we started.

My original plan was to pursue a story about a local war memorial set to be erected at the Peninsula Barracks. The plans for the monument itself hadn't been called off, there was another reason I couldn't carry on with that story. I was unable to follow the story further after I spoke to somebody at the area who informed me the curators of the project were based in Kent. I'm sure I could have organised an interview over the phone, but I wouldn't have been able to get a video interview and therefore it couldn't have been in the bulletin.

I was then given the admittedly not-as-fun task of taking the national story about rising energy bills and presenting the story on a local level. This was certainly easier said than done. At this stage it was Tuesday afternoon and I had no footage, no nothing. I tried to keep a level head about the whole situation and managed to do this in the end, but it was particularly difficult being so close to the deadline and having no content at all.

After pestering and pestering and pestering a certain group I was able to organise an interview on Wednesday morning. The person I interviewed even told me that I was 'only there because of my persistance'. I took this as a good thing as, at the end of the day, I'd managed to nab an interview with about an hour to go until my deadline.

In the newsroom, it was just as stressful. My footage went from OOV to VT, VT to OOV. Back and fourth, back and fourth. Eventually, I found myself as the second story which was admittedly completely unexpected. Considering I had nothing on Tuesday afternoon / evening I thought I'd done well to find a minute of footage from somewhere on Wednesday morning. 

The package itself was far from perfect and I'm fully aware of that. I think it would have worked better as an OOV, perhaps. Unfortunately, we couldn't afford to have another OOV in the bulletin as there were already a couple.

Summary? A Stressful week and a decent package that was thrown together terrifyingly close to the deadline.


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