Sunday, 30 October 2011

WINOL - Week #5 Notes

WINOL - Week 5 Analysis

Week 5 consisted of me being handed an interesting story and not really doing it justice.

The prospect of a 'zombie module' coming to the University of Winchester and a day of lectures discussing the undead and their impact on popular culture. It's something interesting, which is why it's a shame I didn't really get a nice rememberable quote from my interviewee.

My possibilities were limited when it came to GV's. WINOL goes out on a Wednesday and the Zombosium wasn't taking place until 2 days after that. From there my only option was to have some footage of the recent Zombie walk in Brighton.

I went to YouTube and messaged the account of a person who had taken some footage of the event. He gave me written permission to use his footage in my package, which was good. It gave the viewers something to look at other than shots of the campus. I don't, however, like using footage that wasn't shot by me. It's like cheating your way through a story, grabbing montage clips from various archives on the net. It's a shame the actual Zombosium event wasn't before the broadcast.

This week was a little disappointing.


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