Thursday, 10 November 2011

WINOL - Week #7 Notes

WINOL - Week 7 Analysis

Week 7 was a particularly ambitious week. Me and Ali went to London and attempted a live update over Skype. Unfortunately, that didn't work out due to issues with unclear audio, but the day was still really good fun.

It was a refreshing change of pace not having to walk through Winchester to interview a councillor or sit in on a meeting of some kind. Being in London with the equipment for an event that was genuinely exciting to be a part of was brilliant.

We started out early at Winchester Station and managed to get to the University of London Union building at around 11am. At first we had an issue with working out how we were going to set up the 'as live' piece. In the end we used Ali's laptop and rested it on the tripod we had which we set up near to the Union building entrance. This worked surprisingly well with Ali on the other side of the computer ensuring the camera remained steady as we filmed the 40 second piece to camera.

The atmosphere at the march was electric. People were clearly passionate about what they were fighting for and this really came across in the shots we gathered. The issue with many of the GV's was the fact I was forced to carry the camera instead of mount in to the tripod. When you're in the middle of a crowd you can't exactly set up there and then.

The 'as live' piece in the morning went well. Admittedly, it took a while to upload the footage using Karen's USB dongle (Thanks for that by the way!) but we managed it in the end. Becky text me asking for some GV's to use for a headline clip and I managed to capture footage from my phone and upload the clips to YouTube wirelessly surprisingly easily.

From there me and Ali made our way along the march route, looking out for a Starbucks as we went so we could set the laptop up for a live update at 3pm. Eventually, we found a store to set up in and got permission from the manager to broadcast inside. There was abit of waiting before the live broadcast which gave us a chance to practice. Unfortunately, the audio didn't work out in the end which was a massive disappointment because the practice runs went fine.

Despite the issues with the live update, the whole experience was great and we managed to get some some good GV's. I'd be very willing to do something similar to this in the future. It's just a shame the live update didn't work because I think that would have looked excellent.


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