Friday, 9 December 2011

Existentialism, Politics and post-humanist morality - Raw Notes


* Closest to Psychology
* Deals with subjective perception of things

Romanticism - A pessimistic outlook at its core

Husserl - Duck, rabbit conundrum.

* Conciousness is intentional, and meaning is fixed subjectively
* Some knowledge / ideas have more priority than others
* Phenomenology and types of literary Journalism - looking at the familiar as unfamiliar and vice versa

Nazism - Links to Rousseau

Heidegger - A student of Husserl

* Wrote 'Being in Time'
* Interested in how the personality develops in time
* Before Heidegger, it was assumed the personality did not change
* Heidegger thought the personality is ever-changing
* Dread - You're concerned about what will happen next
* He thought highly of Hitler
* Third Reich
* Heidegger felt no guilt over his role in Nazi Germany

Time, for Heidegger, is a structure of being.

'Being' - The dasein

The past - Guilt
The present - Dread
The future - Unknown

Satre - Where does guilt / dread come from? Other people. ("Hell is other people")

* Satre's book, 'Nausea'
* 'No Exit' play
* Satre was imprisoned by the Nazi's. Famously stated: "I've never felt so free". No hypocrisy. He was a prisoner and that was that

Hell is other people, but at the same time we are other people - Collective conciousness, Carl Jung


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