Sunday, 11 December 2011

WINOL - Week #10 Notes

WINOL - Week 10 Analysis

This week was slightly stressful to say the least, but I'm happy with the outcome. On Monday morning I came to the news meeting with two ideas for stories, neither of which were solid at that point as I was still waiting on some calls. I had a story regarding the University of Winchester and a grant they'd received, but admittedly it was pretty dull. I decided to focus my full attention on the taxi story, which was a genuinely interesting story to research further into.

I managed to organise an interview in Eastleigh with Kevin May, a local taxi firm director who had spent a large sum of money fighting the taxi camera policy in court. Kevin was a great interviewee. He gave some nice quotes and was clearly upset at the policy the council were enforcing. I wasn't particularly pleased with the location of the interview. In the end we ended up setting up in one of the offices at the taxi firm, but the shelves Kevin was sat in front of made it look like we were in a shed of some kind! It's a shame that we couldn't film the interview outside in front of some Taxi's, but at that point it was too dark to attempt that.

The sound from the interview was a good quality. My thanks go to Daniel Mackrell for helping me out throughout the day. Dan did well at framing the interview correctly and ensuring everything went smoothly behind the scenes.

My biggest issue this week was balance. I had pressed the council for a statement but I was getting sent from person to person and got the feeling nobody really knew who would be the best person to speak to.

Admittedly, I was a little disappointed at this point because I had a good interview but no balance from a council member. I heard that Louis was interviewing Royston Smith and asked him if he could grab me a statement on the issue once Louis had finished his interview with Mr Smith regarding his own story. A big thank you to Louis who managed to get me a video clip of Royston Smith arguing why the camera technology was so vital for the protection and safety of the public. If I hadn't got this balance, my story would have been a flop.


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