Saturday, 3 December 2011

WINOL - Week #8 Notes

WINOL - Week 8 Analysis

This week went fairly well in my opinion. I ended up covering Winchester Sound Radio's 24 hour broadcast for Children In Need. It was nice that the story was located on campus as up until this point I have been used to moving around, primarily to Southampton which I've visited a lot during the news gathering phase.

The piece featured 3 interviews, which I thought was great as it made the story more interesting to watch. Having more than 1 interview tells the audience that what's going on is a wide-spread project and it's not only going to support a worthy cause but its also got many people behind it.

All my interviewees came out with some nice sound bytes. I particularly liked the soundbite I used for the headline clip in the broadcast which featured Joy Carter, the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Winchester. She said: "It's a no-brainer, actually. People have to tune in!". I think it's important to have a member of staff at the University have their say as it gives another dimension to the story. I could have just used the viewpoints of students for the package but thought it would be a welcome addition to include Joy.

My only gripe with the package is my first interview. Aarran Summers was a great interviewee, but I used his audio interview over a GV of him talking into the radio mic in the studio. It looked odd, because the audience expected to either see Aarran in real time or have him turn to the camera and then continue talking, addressing the audience directly.


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