Thursday, 9 February 2012

WINOL Dummy Week Monday Debrief Notes - 06/02/2012

  • Twitter makes the website look more professional
  • Grammar issues with the articles
  • Might be worth reading the book issued in conjunction with the precision English sessions
  • 'News trash' – Give It to Louis to include in his column
  • “News – True and interesting”
  • At news meetings: Is the story true? Is it interesting?
  • Use Twitter more – Reporters to tweet as they're out gathering stories
  • Basic grammatical errors in the articles. This needs to be fixed
  • “Subject, verb, object”
  • In News, eliminate all adjectives (In your voice)
  • Fact in your voice, comment in theirs
  • There shouldn't be articles with grammatical errors on the front page of the site. Reflects badly on everyone
  • Learn the 'case' of a sentence – Subject verb agreement. Research
  • “Essential English for Journalists” - Read.
  • Politics for beginners – Read. (See 'WINOL' folder)
  • Subject and verb must agree on plural, tense and case
  • Reporters: Obtaining genuinely interesting quotes is vital
  • The bulletin this week – What went wrong?
Bulletin Feedback:
  • 'Messy' intro graphics
  • The voice of God doesn't work for the bulletin
  • Student Scene Footage. Remember that we only use pictures if 1) We've made them ourselves 2) We've purchased them and the relevant licences
  • The issue of the Rock n' Roll sign. Any reasonable person could mistake the sign for a swearing V. Although the person wasn't swearing, why take the chance?
  • Scripting issues
  • As a Journalist, it's better to just avoid the use of adjectives
Eddie – Admissions
  • Link to Eddie's admissions story – Includes the word 'dramatic', but where's the evidence for this?
  • “I spoke to Tommy Geddes”. This doesn't work
  • Mention your sources when it comes to describing figures. e.g. 'UCAS figures show that..'
Louis – Supermarket
  • Issues with scripting. Words slightly confusing at points
  • Caroline Ford interview – Completely washed out
  • “Guilty river”
  • Good piece to camera
George – Freshers Week
  • Issues with the piece to camera
Graham – Housing
  • Good quotes from Interviewee
  • The scripting in the piece to camera is slightly too detailed
  • Didn't need the shot of the street light
Flick – Drugs
  • 'Lack of conviction' in the delivery of the story
  • The quote used in the story isn't great
  • Reconstruction sequence is very well done
Graham – Screenwriter
  • Guilty building shot
  • Needs more pictures of people
  • Good use of fair dealing
Uldduz – Wristbands
  • No issues with the use of archive footage. Our pictures – Good!
  • There needed to be a Winchester angle to the story
  • No connection with Winchester at all


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