Monday, 20 February 2012

WINOL Monday Debrief Notes - 20/02/2012

  • 'However'
  • Shots of signs
  • 'Only time will tell'-esque ending pieces to camera
  • Fade transitions
  • No housing shots in the headlines
  • Lou: Tod in front of a brick wall. Boring
  • George: Guilty building in the headline
  • Eddie: Good, interesting shots
  • 'ambitious headlines, but very effective'
  • Issue with the football strapline
  • Visible marks on the camera, which ruins the quality of the shots
  • Start with actuality
  • You need to start with your best shots
  • No signs
  • “The script is possibly too dense”
  • End with something factual
  • The beginning is important to any story
  • In terms of what you say and in terms of picture, the most important things come first
  • Possibly a confusing story. Good political balance, however
  • 'The beginning to any story is crucial'
  • Balance issue. 2 elements to the story. Political debate and a health professionals debate
  • 'Wagers on' in the script. Not needed.
  • If you're going to start with an out of focus shot, make sure it moves into focus before you cut away
  • Guilty building
  • The shot of the arch was pointless
  • Maynard – A very 'white' interview. Never shoot an interview in auto
  • Fade transition – Not needed.
  • Beckett interview – Don't interview in front of a window. Causes lots of technical problems
  • The shots used to cover your interview edits seemed odd. Didn't fit with the piece
  • 'Remains unclear' – Don't do this in your ending piece to camera!
  • The statue shot isn't needed
  • “George Berridge, Winchester News online”, not “This is George Berridge for Winchester News online”
  • Good PTC
  • Did well to remember the script
  • 'A brave, long piece to camera'
  • Shots are limited
  • A complicated story
  • Script was well delivered
  • Framing in the second interview is good
  • Hard to understand the story
  • The cutaways were poor
  • Good, panoramic high level camera angles
  • The shots of the painting weren't clear enough
  • Interview grab with Tim Craven is well framed
  • Should have used a radio mic. There's an issue with background noise
  • The gun mic in the PTC was distracting
  • Good choice of sequences
  • Although presenting a balanced story is important, try to avoid statements in the future
  • The final shot goes on for too long
  • Opening line: “85 years ago...”
  • Too much information in the opening line
  • Needs to be understandable on the first listen
  • Some nicely framed shots
  • Some of the GV's were too shaky. Although the interview and PTC was filmed on a tripod, the GV's weren't
  • Great action shots
  • “It needed a pint of beer”. Would have been nice to see Eddie drink it.


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