Monday, 27 February 2012

WINOL Monday Debrief Notes - 27/02/2012

  • The scripting needs work. Some of the links were too short
  • We need some really good lead stories
    * Keep the scripting simple. We don't want commas!
    * Issues with subject and verb agreement. Dangling clause issues
    * Long expo without a graphic is now banned
    * Facts in your voice, comment in their voice
    * At the end of the stories, throw them into the future


    * Need better quotes in the headlines
    * Lou's headline shot was very poor
    * Richard Burton disliked the Lego headline


    * In terms of the written pieces, stay away from innuendo
    * Don't ask questions in the headlines of the articles
    * Formula - Function first!
    * Para 1: Who, What, Where, When. Next para: 'The move follows..'
    * Strong quotes in the articles are still lacking
    * The article pictures aren't good enough at all.
    * Ideally, you want to have faces in your article pictures
Lou – Education:
  • A great grab from the interviewee
    * Lots of exposition. Not ideal for TV
    * A graph was needed to help viewers cope with the figures you were describing
    * Don't say '50%'. You can just say 'about half'
George – Court:
  • “Don't ever do a court report without pictures”
  • Be there at the moment
  • No picture = The story gets dropped
    * The story would work better as an article
Hettie – Drought:
  • We heard the water, so we needed to see it
  • Before you go out, think about the shots you want to get
    * Should be walking in your piece to camera
    * Your second shot with you on camera was very well framed
    * Interview is also well framed
    * The flash graphic sequence is very well done
Dan - Energy Homes:
  • The link was too short
  • Needed more exterior shots
  • The shape of the outside of the house would have made it more obvious that the house was unique
    * Too much exposition
    * Well framed piece to camera, although it could have been tighter
    * 'The council believe'. Don't say believe, say 'said'.
    * Ian Tait interview - Eye line is slightly too low
    * Ending line - "The future looks green for Winchester" - This is comment. Stay away from this
Graham – Parking:
  • The link didn't reflect the story
  • A good package overall, though
Flick – Lego:
  • A great package
  • Love the cheesiness
  • Would have been good if you could have given viewers a better idea of the scale of the project
    * You don't use a drop intro in news. This is more suited to features
    * We could have heard about Duncan's Job in your voice
Guest Editor Feedback:
  • Good build up to the bulletin
  • Liked the assertiveness in the gallery
  • School image of the road – Boring
  • The MP had a 'killer quote', though. Well done
  • The wording of the lego story was questionable
Lou – Education:
  • The whiteboard shot wasn't good, took too long and it didn't fit in the piece
  • Straplines were slightly too quick
George – Court:
  • Tom's tag on the board shouldn't have been as vague
  • It was unclear that you were stood in front of a law court
Hettie – Drought:
  • The shots were slightly too quick at points
  • Liked the images at the end of the piece
Dan – Energy Homes:
  • The cartoon at the end of the piece wasn't explained
Graham – Parking:
  • Scripting issue - “Travel / transport reporter”
  • The images showed coins yet the story was about phone payment
  • Didn't get a sense of where the problem was
  • Needed more explanation
Flick – Lego:
  • What is a lego expert?
  • Very well filmed - “Superb”
  • Lacked a big impact – You didn't get a true idea of how big the structure will be


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