Sunday, 5 February 2012

WINOL Review - 01/02/2012

Our 'dummy' edition of WINOL has been and gone. There were some good points to be proud of, but it wasn't a week without its issues.

I'm aware that some of the you were having issues with editing. Remember, if you're having issues with editing, it's easier to try and organise some training rather than to ask those around you on a Wednesday. You can organise training with the technicians on campus. Having to babysit someone on the day of the broadcast isn't helpful, particularly when we're all running on such tight schedules.

In terms of individual feedback:


I thought the admissions story was a nice way of starting the bulletin. I thought the camera feed from the newsroom looked surprisingly good. We were originally planning to find some graphics to help you present the story but obviously that didn't come through. You did a good job at presenting the story and highlighting the key figures. You spoke with clarity and looked comfortable in front of the camera too. It was tough having to come in on Wednesday knowing you had to finish the whole story before the deadline on the same day, but I think it went well.


Well done for arranging two interviews for the package. Having two clear sides to the argument you were presenting gave the package a more professional feel. I thought your shots let you down slightly. The framing on the interviews was questionable and one shot in particular springs to might. I'm referring to the shot of one of your interviewees where the lighting was completely overexposed. If this wasn't a dummy week, I would seriously have considered dropping the story completely. Try to get this problem sorted in the future. It might be worth getting some camera training so this doesn't happen again or at least taking another reporter along to your interviews. Your editing also needs work. We were lucky that Henry was free to help out on Wednesday, but really he shouldn't have had to help at all.


I liked the Freshers Week story. It was obviously a story that tied in well with our viewers and I think the way in which you presented the story was nicely done. Your transitions between shots are possibly more 'featurey' than 'newsy', though. Try not to get into the habit of using them over and over again. I liked the way you dressed up the quote with the blurred, moving background. I know you wanted to make the story longer but I think you did a good job of cutting down content to fit your allotted time in the bulletin.


I thought you did a great job considering it was your first time reporting. Both the stories you put together were good enough to put into the bulletin and your interviews were well framed. In your housing story, your piece to camera could have used some more work. It might have been worth making it clearer that you were stood by the neighbourhood set to be altered to the construction plans. In the Screenwriter story the interview was slightly out of focus, too. A good week for you overall, however.


I think your efforts at court paid off. You came to me with a description of a court case that was quite hard to get your head around with so many fine details. I think you did a good job of telling the story in a simple manner, cutting out the details that clearly weren't as relevant to the case. Your reconstruction sequence looked very professional, too. You spent the whole of Saturday outside trying to report on a story on homelessness, which wasn't used in the bulletin in the end. I thought your efforts to get a story were admirable. Fingers crossed the features team can do something with the footage you collected.


I thought you did a great job presenting considering it was your first attempt. At points you spoke quite quickly which made some of the script hard to understand, but I appreciate that you were nervous. I thought it was impressive you kept a cool head considering the instructions you were receiving from the gallery were rushed right until the moment we started broadcasting. Your OOV segment on the cathedral had some nice shots tucked into it.


I think your wristband story gave you more headaches than it should have done. Having to find shots for the segment was difficult, but I think the fact you managed to get the bands sent to you showed good effort. It's a shame you had to rely heavily on the archive footage. I know you were chasing some other stories earlier in the week, so well done for not giving up completely and instead choosing to do something with the wristband story. Hopefully next week you can get a full story into the bulletin.


I thought your first science and technology story for WINOL was a good one. I think the most impressive aspect about the story was the way in which you managed to obtain some underwater footage from one of the scientists subs. It was an interesting clip to watch and I think it slotted nicely into the bulletin headlines too. I know you were chasing up two stories at the same time which shows some great planning skills. There were some sound issues with the interview and the GV of the interviewee walking into his office was slightly blurry, but I think the underwater footage helped save the piece. You managed to describe fairly complex processes in an easy to understand form, too.


I know you were slightly disappointed you didn't make it into the bulletin, but you tried hard this week. Even though your water OOV didn't make it into the bulletin, it made me feel better knowing that if another OOV fell through I could use yours to fill the gap. From what I saw you did a good job of polishing up a slightly dull story with some nice, arty shots! Fingers crossed next week you can come through with a full story on the bulletin. I think now that you have a better idea of the process of putting together a story this will help you in the future.


It was an unlucky week for you, Rachel! I know you initially had the idea of doing a story on the leisure centre but that fell through. I didn't see you on Wednesday to discuss it so in future try and keep me updated on what you're doing as often as you can.


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