Tuesday, 21 February 2012

WINOL Review - 15/02/2012

Week 3 at WINOL was a hectic one, but we managed to get some nice packages into the bulletin. Although this week was very 'housing heavy', there were noticeable technical improvements from previous weeks. I've also uploaded the Monday debrief notes onto the blog, so if you want more technical advice that post is worth a look. You can access that HERE.

In terms of individual feedback:


Your story on the NHS reform was interesting, but again there were some problems with how you were positioning your interviewees. I think you have a good scripting voice. You speak clearly and it makes the story easier to understand. We were told in the debrief that from now on we are to film our interviews using the manual settings on the camera. You were out filming an interview at this point, so remember this for next week. Try and get used to using the manual mode on the camera because it's far more versatile that auto.

There were some nice quotes in your first interview with Martin Tod, let down slightly by the fact you had positioned him in front of a brick wall. In the future try and film your interviews at more relevant / interesting locations, because it makes your overall piece look much better. I thought you did well to organise the interviews on time. You've been very consistent with this so well done.

I'm aware that it's difficult to come up with shots when you've covering political stories, but try and stay away from 'guilty building' footage. Your piece to camera was also good. Maybe to mix things up you could try a walking piece to camera next week?


I thought the prayers package was good as a whole, but there were some shots that let you down slightly.

As with Lou's package, there were many 'guilty building' shots, which is a shame, but in saying that I still liked what you tried doing with your opening shot. It was a clever idea to begin with a close up shot of the hands. In the debrief it was mentioned that if you're going to start with an out of focus shot, you should make sure that it moves into focus before you cut away.

I'm also going to tell you not to put fade transitions into your packages anymore. They're more 'featurey' than they are 'newsey'. Although I've mentioned the fact you had too many shots of buildings, I thought the pull focus on the clock face was a nice, arty shot.

In terms of scripting, make sure you say: "George Berridge, Winchester News Online" in your outro, instead of: "This is George Berridge for Winchester News Online". Also, try and end with a descriptive line other than a line that leaves the whole situation hanging in the air in the same way 'only time will tell' would.

A good package overall, though, with some good interviews. Well done on getting Beckett into the bulletin.


Your court report this week was very good. I thought it was very impressive that you managed to remember your script without looking down at your notepad. It made the story more engaging and you managed to report on a genuinely interesting case from court. It's a shame you weren't able to get some images to show over your PTC, but nonetheless I thought you did well to talk without pausing. The script was both well written and well delivered.


You made it very difficult for yourself following up the housing story, but I thought you did a good job with what was a fairly weak story.

Chris Pines gave some nice quotes which added to the package, but he wasn't positioned very well. Obviously, I came with you to film this interview and I'm aware that there wasn't really anywhere else to position him. It would probably have been worth quickly walking him elsewhere to film the interview. Thanks to Dan for lending you an interview clip with Ian Tait. He had some good knowledge of the subject that added to the package.

The shots for the package were limited which was tough for you. You did, however, have some good panoramic camera angles.


I thought it was great that you managed to get a quick interview clip with Tim Craven, the lead curator at the gallery. It's a shame that your shots of the picture itself were unclear at points, but I'm aware that it was difficult to get a good shot when the light was hitting the wall. It would possibly have been better to use a higher quality still image of the picture, but for an OOV the painting piece was good.


It was my mistake to put this OOV in the bulletin, so I wont go into too much detail over the technical issues. Thanks for heading down to the event, anyway. It was good that you managed to speak to the Mayor.


I know you were desperate to get your package into the bulletin, but you came across slightly rude when you were telling me to put it in on Wednesday. I'm fully aware that you want to show off what you've done, but a package that's still being edited at 2pm on a Wednesday is very hard to slot in.

Anyway, it got in.There were some technical problems and the statement sequence was slightly dull, but overall I think you did well with the story. Your piece to camera was well delivered but in the debrief it was mentioned that the fact you were holding the gun mic in full view was slightly distracting. You had some good sequences, too.

Although presenting balance in a story is very important, try to avoid statements in the future if you can.


I thought the brewery story was a great way of rounding off the bulletin. You had some nice shots tucked into the package and the interviewee was fun to watch. There was too much information in the opening line, though. Remember that the package needs to be fully understandable on the first listen.

You framed your shots well, although some of the GV's were too shaky. Although the interview and the piece to camera were filmed on a tripod, the GV's weren't.

I thought you did very well to get the action shots. It gives the audience something interesting to watch whilst you played the audio from the interview. It was mentioned in the debrief that it would have been great to have had a pint in the last shot. Overall, a great 'and finally' piece.


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