Friday, 24 February 2012

WINOL Review - 22/02/2012

Week 4 at WINOL was a strong one. We were missing three reporters from the news team and as a result we were under alot of pressure to produce some stories to bulk out the bulletin. I think that considering the situation we did a good job. We still, however, don't have enough hard hitting, genuinely engaging news stories. I'm confident that we can take the feedback from Richard Burton and use it to make next weeks bulletin much better.

Before I go on, news reporters please take note of these messages:

1) Next week Eddie will be presenting sport because of his shoulder. I'll be presenting the news. As we now know who's presenting, there's no excuses for those not doing so to hand in a package.

2) We need to have a draft of your links on Tuesday evening at the latest. This means we can have a draft of the script written up sooner and this makes things much easier on the day of the bulletin.

In terms of individual feedback:


Your story this week was strong, but once again you're taking too long to edit your packages together. I can't remember a week where you haven't still been editing on the day of the bulletin. You had your interviews done and dusted on Monday which I thought was very impressive, but I couldn't understand why you didn't collect your GV's on the Tuesday and hand the package in on the same evening. I don't want you editing on Wednesday this week!

You got some great grabs from your interviews, as Richard Burton pointed out. As was discussed in the debrief, it's a shame you were unable to get some better shots of the school. Your opening shot, which is meant to be the strongest of the package, was a little dull. Me and Ewan also had to edit some of your shots slightly as some of the people you were filming were easily identifiable. The shots of the whiteboard went on slightly too long, too. I do, however, think it's great you were trying to be more creative with your shots this week. Your interviews were also well framed this week, too.


I know you were feeling very ill this week, George, so I was impressed that you still managed to put together a court report. You looked confident in your piece to camera and did well to get the picture of the taser. In the debrief on Wednesday it was decided by Angus that in future court reports without a good selection of pictures will not be included in the bulletin. It's a shame you couldn't get a mugshot but I think you did well to explain the story.


I liked your package on the Hampshire drought. I thought there were some nice pictures in the package. It's a shame that your piece to camera in the river didn't come out very clear. As a viewer it was hard to tell that you were actually in the river, as your feet weren't in shot. The reveal should have zoomed out further to reveal more. Luckily your footage was somewhat salvageable but remember in future weeks to take into account lighting levels before filming. I thought the graphics in the piece were well done, especially the two comparative ending pictures.

I also thought you did a great jo presenting the news after it was decided you wouldn't be doing the sport this week.


Your package on the eco-homes had some nice shots, but I don't think you ever truly knew what angle you were going for. I think the fact you managed to get shown around the properties showed good persistence on your part. Your piece to camera was nice, although I think it would have been better to have positioned yourself where the houses were in clear view behind you. A good package overall, though. Well done.


I thought your package on the parking was a nice, local story. I liked the close up shots of the parking machine as you were taking the money out. You could have just filmed a generic road but instead you got a little creative with your shots. Your interview with Stephen Godfrey was well framed and your piece to camera was delivered well. You have a good voice for telling a story too. I also liked the shot of you walking and talking with Kelsie Learney. None of the other reporters have attempted that yet.


Your Lego package was nicely done. There were some good, creative shots there. You got some good feedback from Richard Burton after the bulletin had gone out. I particularly liked the shot of you holding the Lego microphone. I thought it was a nice tongue in cheek way of developing the story. Angus pointed out that it would have been great if you could have included some shots to give viewers an idea of the scale of the project. A great week overall, though. I was looking at your blog and noticed you're determined to get a story into the bulletin that isn't a court report or an 'and finally'. I think next week you should aim for a good, balanced package that can go towards the top of the bulletin board.


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