Monday, 13 February 2012

WINOL Week 3 Monday Debrief Notes - 13/02/2012

  • Mike Smartt felt the site was slightly confusing to navigate.
  • There have been steps made recently to improve the site, though.
  • Article subbing issues.
  • Headlines need changing in some instances.
  • A hit B.
  • Next week – Grammar test. Hicks book issued with precision English lessons.
  • How to write a sentence” - Learn the logical structure.
  • Clever headlines needed.
  • Don't be too scared about using hyperbolic language.
  • Good to see the Twitter ticker being used, makes the site look more professional.
  • Again, it's important reporters update the WINOL Twitter with information relevant to their beat.
  • Is a separate features page needed?
  • Subject and verb must agree on plural.
  • The links are coming along well.
  • Still room for improvement, though.
  • Watch the news to see how reporters tell the story. Very important.
  • Headline captions are too big.
  • Don't necessarily need to have Sport as the last headline. Could be the 'and finally'.
  • The script's not quite 'sexy' enough!
Eddie – Redknapp:
  • Piece to camera starts with 'I'm here at..'
  • To all reporters: Never start a PTC like this.
  • If you stutter in a piece to camera, do it again.
  • Don't take second best. Put our your best version of your PTC that you're 100% happy with.
Dan – Sea City:
  • Good use of natural sound at the start of the package
  • The sequence was effective
  • Poor cutaway during the first interview clip
  • Need to use a tripod to steady the camera for the GV's
  • Needed to play abit more on the disagreement aspect of the story
  • A good effort
Lou – Brine:
  • A balance issue
  • There wasn't really a story here
  • Nothing to do with education in the package at all
  • Poor sound quality, bad GV's, poorly focused interview
Graham – Housing:
  • Guilty buildings!
  • 'Council IS', not the 'Council are'
  • The interview didn't really help explain the story well enough
  • Dull shots
  • It came across that you didn't truly understand the story you were trying to tell
  • Words matched the pictures
  • Good use of GV's
  • Some interesting names mentioned
Hettie – Bluestar Buses:
  • Empty bus in piece to camera – Looks odd
  • Good that you could see the card in the piece to camera
  • Needed some shots of passengers
Flick – Marwell:
  • A great first shot
  • Music not needed


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