Monday, 5 March 2012

WINOL Monday Debrief Notes - 05/03/12

When you are handing the script writers your package links, they absolutely cannot be similar to your opening lines in your piece. Writer stronger links.

Your opening shots need to be your best. Every package should have some memorable shots.

All packages should begin with natural sound.
  • “The show itself was excellent”
  • Try and conduct your interviews in interesting locations
  • Try and vary your PTC's. Try walking PTC's, slow reveals etc.
  • The headline and Hettie's opening line disagreed
  • The link and the opening line were too similar
  • Next time, write your link with your opening words in mind
  • The package didn't explain how many lambs had been affected
  • How many lambs had been born with the virus?
  • Interview was well framed
  • Good use of natural sound at the start of the package
Council Cuts:
  • “It was OK”
  • The opening shot was poor
  • Your PTC was good, but the delivery was too fast
  • Start with an interesting shot
  • Council services are about people. Therefore, we need to see people!
  • The piece was bland and boring, needed people
  • Started well
  • The natural sound at the beginning of the package was effective
  • “Generally a good report”
  • It didn't, however, say enough about the advantages of fluoride
  • The piece was slightly unbalanced
  • Your interview was in front of a dull, white wall
  • The sequence with the man drinking didn't work
  • “It was OK. I found it abit dull”
  • The graphics were 'clunky'
  • It would have worked better with a more straightforward approach
  • Too many facts
  • The graphics were up and gone too quickly
Court Assault:
  • The intro and the package didn't match up
  • The link referred to a man, yet the package focused entirely on what happened to the woman
  • “The reconstruction was a clever idea. It worked very well”
  • A little bit more care about the relationship between the intro and the substance of the package
  • The recreation was slightly too literal
Dancing on Ice
  • The commentary talked about Robin Cousins being there, but he wasn't in the opening shot
  • “Choose your words carefully”
  • The story wasn't really a story


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