Monday, 12 March 2012

WINOL Monday Debrief Notes - 12/03/12

  • Not everything made it on air, and that's a massive problem
  • If it hasn't made air, you have to have stuff you can slot into its place
  • The headline for Lou's package wasn't very interesting, the quote wasn't good enough
  • “Don't use quotes to tell a story”
Flick, Beckett
  • Your delivery could have been more laid back
  • The piece should have taken the form of a two-way
  • “It didn't work at all”
  • It needed to have the presenter and yourself discussing the issue
  • It was dull, just a standard piece to camera
  • Don't say 'however
Lou, Olympics
  • The link was poor
  • The word 'outrage' is banned
  • “The story seemed back to front”
  • The interview is very well done
George, gay marriage:
  • News is about people
  • The fact you were able to get a case study was brilliant news. You didn't make the most of it, though. Should have stuck with them abit more. People are more interesting than buildings8
  • “The whole piece is very biased”. You should remain neutral
  • “Don't be afraid to get abit of controversy going”
  • Don't say 'I spoke to'!
  • “I would liked to have known more about them [the couple in the interview]”
  • “The human interest should have been stressed more
  • The headline didn't go with the package
  • There wasn't enough information on where the cardinal had spoken out
  • The piece to camera wasn't great
  • The statement segment to the piece was boring
  • It would have been nice to see the couple somewhere other than in an interview scenario
  • “They looked too static in the dark room”.
  • You overcomplicated everything about the story
  • “The OOV into the air traffic control clip seemed a little disjointed”.
  • The second OOV was bizarre. “Best forgotten”.
  • A good, fun story
  • Could have done more with it
  • It would have been nice to see more of the equipment
  • The sound quality on the voiceover was great


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