Monday, 26 March 2012

WINOL Monday Debrief Notes - 26/03/12

Headlines and misc

* Best we've had yet
* The shot of the till is cliché, but it's good
* Lighting was poor this week
* The shadows cast of Aarran's face were off-putting


The link leading into the package was bias - "Aiming to improve taxes"
* We should have referenced the fact you were coming from a mobile phone in the link. It would have made the report seem more exciting
* Never say 'Labour will', for example. Say 'plan to'. Don't be wrong
* PTC - You could play it safe and say 'commentators say..'
* Well done to George for getting facts to you for the PTC
* Your scripting was poor
* Should have filmed with the phone closer to you
* The cutaways were archive footage but we didn't have text on the screen to show this. Myself and George should take the blame for this
* Scripting Issue: You can't speak to the 'working class'. It's abstract
* The Westminster package had afew problems, audio and visual
* The London team did very well to get footage back to Winchester
* Thanks to George for piecing together the content
* "You got lost in statistics. You need to be explaining easy-to-follow facts"
* "You said there were no surprises with the budget. You shouldn't knock your own story and this is what you did here"
* Did well to get the quote grab from Brine


Had to change the package on the day to take into account the information from the budget
* You did well to change the package in light of the budget news that came in on the day
* Ideally you wanted vox pops with motorists
* 'The AA says' is wrong
* The out of focus shot shouldn't have gone into the package
* 'Paying through the nose' - This is comment, not fact. Be aware of this


Using pictures, well structured package
* What could the Council have done though?
* Good use of natural sound at the start of the package
* Solved a malicious falsehood issue with your script. Originally, you were implying that Millet's was going bust, but you solved this problem on the day by adjusting your script


You did well this week to think visually
* For something that's 'very dull' you did a good job
* Script works with the pictures


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