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WINOL REVIEW - 07/03/12

Week 6 at WINOL was very disappointing. The bulletin was terrible and I'm ashamed that it turned out the way it did. This week was too laid back. The fact that it was so calm in the newsroom on Wednesday morning was a sign that people weren't in the right frame of mind. I'm including myself in this group, too.

Before I go on, news reporters please take note of these messages:

1) You all need a strong main story and a strong backup story
2) This bulletin taught us that preparation and forward planning are vital.
3) Link drafts need to be in as soon as possible, preferably Tuesday evening
4) All the reporters need to pull their weight
5) If you pitch an idea at the news meetings and it's approved, make it happen.
6) Don't be scared to try things that are a little different
7) Start preparing your stories sooner. It makes it so much harder on yourself when you're trying to find and organise stories on Monday. It shouldn't be that way.
8) We need some good local stories about people.

Find your stories earlier this week, please.

In terms of individual feedback:


You were under alot of pressure this week to get out the Beckett story out on time. Obviously, you were unable to get it into the bulletin, but you didn't give up, which I thought was great. Even when the bulletin was being filmed you were still in the newsroom editing. As was mentioned in the debrief, the fact you went out on location to film some footage for the air traffic controlling OOV was great, too. Lets hope next week you can get a full package into the bulletin.


You're very consistent at getting relevant interviewees, which is great news for me because you're a reliable person to have on the team. Your package this week was a big improvement on your previous efforts in a technical sense. There were no shots that were completely bleached out and you looked confident in your piece to camera. I particularly liked the shot you walking with Brine. I thought it looked very professional. Your framing is vastly improved this week, which is great. You were slightly let down by the quality of your voiceover sound this week, which is a shame. Overall, though, a good package this week.


You had a nightmare with the tape decks this week, but you did great to recover from the problem and managed to get your package into the bulletin about 20 minutes before we went live. I thought your story itself was very strong. Unfortunately, I don't think you were able to do justice to it with just 1 interview. Obviously you agree, because we discussed this on Wednesday. I'm well aware you tried your best to bag a second interview, so I can't fault your effort! In the feedback session, it was mentioned that your piece to camera wasn't great. There also wasn't enough information in the package on where the cardinal had spoken out. The human interest side of the story should also have been stressed more. Overall, a good week for you though.


I needed your powercuts OOV put together just incase everything went wrong. Unfortunately, everything went wrong and I used it. Admittedly, hearing the story from your mouth it seemed particularly simple, yet this didn't translate well to the bulletin. I think the fact you were told to cut a sentence off the link only added to the problem, because you had less time to explain the story. Your interviewee wasn't really introduced, either. An odd OOV to say the least. I was foolish to use it.


You did a great job this week of putting together an 'and finally'. It was a nice, light way to end the bulletin and I thought you were very creative with some of the shots you eventually ended up using. I liked the fact we could see you and the music producer both on screen using the equipment. You were very clever in the way you used the song itself in your package. It looks like you're doing well with improving your editing skills.


I thought your package this week was good. Although it didn't end up going into the bulletin, it was usable. There were no significant issues with it and it was well filmed. Some of the shots went on slightly too long. It was a difficult story to think of shots for though. You were quite limited here and you did well to get what you did. I know you had issues with filming permission. Be careful in future that you're in a location where you're allowed to turn the camera on. If you're unsure, check before you film. It was a good package, overall. Well done for putting it together before the deadline.


I didn't end up using your Biomass Plant OOV, but I'm very thankful that you managed to get it done in time for the bulletin. I should have used it instead of the powercut OOV, but that's down to me and not you. You did well to piece something together on the day of the bulletin. I'm also aware you tried hard to make your cycle path story work, but unfortunately your only interview wasn't a particularly memorable one. Fingers crossed next week goes better for you!


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