Tuesday, 20 March 2012

WINOL REVIEW - 14/03/12

Week 7 at WINOL was a fairly strong week. Again, our scripting is letting us down slightly. I think we need to put more effort into piecing together some good links and a strong script. As a news team, we're doing much better on a technical level which is great.

In terms of individual feedback:

Eddie (Assault)

Your story on the Winchester assault was a good package to start with. You presented the story well considering it was on a difficult subject. Your scripting overall was strong and there were no legal issues. Towards the middle of the package, you say 'of a Wednesday evening'. It was mentioned in the Monday debrief that this didn't seem formal enough and was to colloquial-sounding. I thought it was very impressive that you managed to get the Police to talk to you. This was the first WINOL this semester where we've managed to grab an interview with an officer. Unfortunately, the quotes from the officer weren't particularly strong but you did well to get what you did. Your piece to camera was also well delivered. Remember to clean your camera lens in future too. There was a visible mark in the middle of the screen during your final shot.

Hettie (Hobbit)

I thought your story on the Hobbit this week was a good, interesting story which was well paced and well delivered. It was decided early on Wednesday that we needed to somehow mention Stephen Fry in the piece. I think you did well to edit your package to include this new information. You managed to get the package in with a decent amount of time until the deadline, which was good. Your shots this week were strong. I liked the sequence you had with your interviewee on the computer. You also managed to get the most memorable quote in the bulletin this week in my opinion. I think the footage of the film courtesy of Warner Brothers gave the package abit more substance, which was good. A great package this week.

Flick (Tattoo)

Your piece on Winchester tattoos was strong with some good shots and a nice piece to camera. I thought it was impressive that you explained more about the apparatus in your piece to camera. Your interviewee gave some good quotes. I'm aware there was a slight scripting issue with the tattoo kit and it's a shame we didn't catch it. We'll have to look out for problems like this in the future. Overall, I thought it was a good package with some nice sequences. The script was well paced. I also liked the walking sequence with John Cooper. The walk and talk with him was also a nice touch.

Sarah (Cancer Case Study)

Looking back at the bulletin, I feel that perhaps your cancer piece was perhaps more worthy of being a feature than an OOV / mini-package, but I was impressed you managed to get a case study. We're constantly reminded of the importance of putting the emphasis of our stories on people, and this was a very good example of this approach being used in the bulletin. The interview dealt with a difficult subject and I thought the quotes were quite powerful. If I could improve anything about the piece it would be your GV's. I was helping to put some finishing touches on the piece as you were busy presenting in the gallery and I saw that you didn't have a good variety of shots to choose from.


I know this wasn't your best week as your original plans fell through. I thought you did well to attempt to put an OOV together with footage gathered entirely on the day. It's a shame that the protest on the day you were going to cover wasn't particularly big, but nevertheless you managed to get some good quotes from your interview and some nice short sequences of the site. You tried very hard to get content on the day which is always useful for me in the newsroom.


Your and finally piece this week was very well put together. The footage you managed to get of the car travelling faster than a bullet was genuinely interesting footage and it made for a great headline clip. Your script delivery was well placed. I know your interview let you down slightly this week because of poor lighting, but you did well to salvage the clip in the edit. It was pointed out in the debrief on Monday that your headline was the only one that wasn't altered in some way, so you are clearly doing well at selling your story at the start of the bulletin. It's a shame you couldn't have had a shot of you using the simulator in the package, but this is only a minor problem I had with the package. Overall, I thought you did a great job.


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