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WINOL REVIEW - 21/03/12


Week 8 at WINOL was very ambitious (particularly on the day) but overall I think it was a good performance from everybody involved. We tried to take on alot of tasks on the day of the broadcast due to the fact the budget was being announced and I think the fact we pulled together as a team made these challenges much easier to overcome. I thought Aarran and Rachelle worked very well as a presenting team, too.

In terms of individual feedback:

Eddie (Bank of England Report)

Even though we didn't use your footage in the bulletin, the fact that you went up to London and went to the trouble of getting the footage back to us is much appreciated. In the end, it was decided we couldn't use your footage because the tense of your script was wrong. You were discussing the budget announcement as if it hadn't happened, yet if we were to have run your package it would have happened, which would render your script pointless. I think there was a mix-up in communication here.

You had the whole of Tuesday to plan what you were going to say but I think what you had in mind and what Lou had in mind were ultimately the same thing. We could have (and should have!) text you up-to-date information on the budget as it came in to us so you could quote it in your script. The issue is this is exactly what we did with Lou's piece. Perhaps we didn't need packages from both of you in the first place. As I said , though, I'm very glad you were in London because from what I've been told you remained calm knowing time was running out to get material back to us in Winchester. You knew the process of sending material wirelessly from your your experience with the Harry Redknapp package and I think it was good you were in London to help Lou.

A big thankyou to Nathan for also tagging along, too.

Lou (Brine and Budget Summary)

I was extremely thankful you were a part of the WINOL team this week, Lou. If we hadn't been able to use your political contacts we would be severely struggling with finding content on the day. Without you, we wouldn't have been able to grab Brine. Without Brine, we couldn't have used Chris Pines. Without Chris Pines and Brine, we'd be 3 minutes down struggling to fill the bulletin with content. We had alot riding on you this week and you did very well.

The footage from your Westminster package was of a poor quality. Obviously, I'm aware it was quicker to send to us as a result, but the poor sound quality was quite off putting. Visually it was OK, but I don't think the sound quality did us any favours. It was a good idea to send your PTC in segments. I also appreciated the fact you didn't moan and question me when I asked you to redo some of your PTC's. I think yourself and the rest of the London team were very helpful and co-operative. It was pointed out in the Wednesday debrief that you shouldn't have said there were 'no surprises' associated with the budget. This basically meant you killed the importance of your own story.

It's a shame we couldn't get video footage of Brine, however, but this was down to your Internet signal. If you had managed to get a WiFi signal in London, an as-live video interview may have been possible. You were running off a 3G network however, with much poorer Internet strength. I made the decision that it was too risky to attempt a video interview over your 3G. I couldn't risk your signal dropping half way through the interview. We had alot banking on the fact we would be getting a live reaction from Brine and so I decided to do the interview in the style of a radio piece. I explained this to you on the phone and you remained calm even though I sprung this on you just before you met Brine.

In the end, I think the radio interview piece worked OK. It wasn't ideal, but it was definitely usable. The audio quality of Brine was also surprisingly good, I thought. Thanks to Flick for making the graphic that ran over the interview clip.

A very strong week for you, Lou.


You took on a big task this week, Aarran. I appreciated the fact that even though I assigned you with the presenting role you were genuinely happy to accept it and excited to be a part of the live segments we were planning on adding to the bulletin on Wednesday. I think you did very well with the live guest interview. Obviously, our guest could have said anything and you did well to make sure he had the same amount of time allotted to him as Brine. I thought your presenting was very slick and you remained completely calm throughout the bulletin.


You only just got your package in on time this week and I think you did well to stay calm as your time was running out. Obviously, you had a big task this week. You had to rewrite your script, re-record your voiceover and get a collection of GV's and vox pops on the day of the bulletin. This was a big task and you did well to pull it off.

The quotes from your vox pops were good. I don't think many people realise just how hard it is to get people to stop in the street and chat to you (especially with camera equipment) so well done for that.

Many of your shots this week were overexposed. The vox pops in particular suffered from this. The shot of the board with the fuel prices on it also had the same problem. Keep an eye on that for your next package. I think overall you had a good week, though. Well done for staying composed on the day.


I think you had a difficult week this week. Your original idea of taking over Dan's story was tricky, particularly as a case study of a couple purchasing a house was pretty much vital for the story to work. You managed to get interviews with 4 estate agents, which I think was extremely impressive. Even though I couldn't use your package because there wasn't enough to it, you made yourself useful in the gallery which was great. You also helped me to organise the radio booth so we could record Brine, which was vital. Even though your package fell through this week, you were a valuable member of the WINOL team on the day of the broadcast.


You didn't come through with a package this week which was unfortunate, but you did a great job of scripting the OOVS (Alastair Stewart and the Hobbit update) and also editing together the footage coming in on Wednesday from the London team. You helped me edit the footage together just as we had done with the Harry Redknapp package afew weeks ago. I think you did well this week to communicate to myself and Lou what needed adding to the package to make it better. You knew you would be under time pressures on the day but you remained focused on what you had to do. By lunchtime, you were already piecing together GV's for lou's package which lightened the workload for later in the day. You did very well with the OOV's and London editing this week so well done.

Flick (Local Businesses)

This week we really needed some good packages and yours turned out well, I thought. You used pictures well to compliment what you were saying in your script, which was a nice touch. As was pointed out during the Wednesday debrief, the package was well structured and flowed nicely. Your voiceover was well paced and you described the story with clarity. The only issue raised on Wednesday concerned the Council's actions. In the package you had a shop owner questioning the Council but not really expanding on what she wanted to see happen in the future. In the end, we had a quote from her saying 'the council should have done more to stop shops going under' but no explanation of what this could potentially involve.

Overall, it was a strong package that I was glad to put in the bulletin. You got your filming done fairly early too, which was great. This meant you could put all your attention on your script which you adjusted on the day of the broadcast. This was a good week for you.


This was another strong week for you, Dan. Your package on the Olympic hopeful was a nice, interesting piece to end the bulletin. You got more creative with shots this week. The fading sequence towards the start of the package was a nice idea. I'm also glad you managed to get the permission to use the footage from London 2012 at the start of the piece. It was a nice way to begin your package and your voiceover complimented the clip well.

The headline clip, as mentioned on Wednesday, looked slightly odd. Louise was running away from the camera and it would have looked far better to have her running towards us. Your voiceover was well paced this week and you used your voice well. It would have been nice to see a moving PTC outside the cathedral, though. You had 2 stationary PTC's and it would have been nice to mix them up a little bit.

Your PTC at the end of the package was sightly overexposed but I liked the idea of Louise running past you during your sign off. You had a strong week this week and your 'and finally' piece slotted in nicely at the end of Wednesday's bulletin.


You came to me with a story idea on Monday that sounded good. It was always going to be a fairly difficult story to cover as the plans concerning the Winchester Sports Centre are still ongoing. You knew it was going to be a challenge and you still gave the story a go, which I thought was great. Unfortunately, I'm aware you had issues with your interview. You managed to arrange it and then your interviewee pulled out at the last minute which is a shame, but I appreciate the work you put in to arrange the interview in the first place. Fingers crossed your next package comes through!


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