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WINOL REVIEW - 29/02/12

Week 5 at WINOL was

Before I go on, news reporters please take note of these messages:

1) Make sure your opening shots strong this week
2) I want links in on Tuesday evening so I can put together a draft of the script
3) No shots of buildings please
4) Begin your packages with natural sound
5) Final Cut - Have the audio from the interview play before the person is in vision

In terms of individual feedback:


I thought your package this week was very well put together. As a result, I was happy to place it at the top of the bulletin. I liked you use of natural sound in the piece and I can tell that technically you're alot more confident in putting packages together now. Next time you write your link, however, keep your opening words from the package in mind. This week the link and the opening line were too similar, which looked slightly odd to watch back. In the Wednesday debrief it was pointed out that it would have been useful to have some more information on the number of lambs that had been born with the virus. The package didn't clearly explain how many lambs had been affected.Your interview was well framed, though. A good week for you.


This week you did well to interview some good local council members. Your opening shot, which is meant to be your strongest, really wasn't good enough. There's really no excuse that some of your shots are washed out when we're this far into the process. I liked the fact you gave the walking piece to camera a go, though. Although you may have delivered the script slightly quickly, it was nice to see a piece to camera that wasn't just completely still. In the debrief it was pointed out that as the story was about council services and their effect on people, we needed to see people! Perhaps a case study would have been ideal.


I thought your package this week had some great quotes tucked away into it. It started well and the natural sound at the start of the piece was effective. I also liked the GV's of the river in Winchester. Your package didn't, however, say enough about the advantages of fluoride. As Rob Kirk said, it felt slightly unbalanced. Furthermore, your interview was slightly bland, taking place in front of a blank white wall. In saying that, though, the quotes you managed to get were brilliant and really helped to improve the piece. As was said in the Monday debrief, the sequence with the man drinking didn't really work.


I thought your performance this week was good. When asked about your package, Rob Kirk described it as "OK." He thought it was slightly dull, which I agree with to a certain extent. I'm glad you followed the story though. It was a national story and you managed to localise it fairly well. It would have worked better with a more straightforward approach, perhaps. There were too many facts coming at the audience. As was pointed out in the Monday debrief, the graphics you'd put together weren't on screen for long enough. I was impressed that you managed to make your own graphics, however.


This week you did a good job of taking an interesting court story and putting together a reconstruction. It was the first time we'd attempted something like this and I think you pulled it off. It was much more interesting than a standard court report where you just relay the story to the audience without any cutaways. There were some issues with the relationship between the link and the start of your package, though. The link reffered to a man, yet the package focuses entirely on what happened to the woman. Rob Kirk said: "The reconstruction was a clever idea. It worked very well". There needs to be a little more care about the relationship between the intro and the substance of the package. It was mentioned in the Monday debrief that your reconstruction was slightly too literal at points, though.


I didn't think your package this week was the greatest you've produced, but you did well to go to the event and identify the event in the first place. I think your biggest downfall this week was not asking Robin Cousins the correct questions. As was pointed out on Monday, you went to the event and then made the event itself the focus of your package. 


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