Monday, 2 April 2012

WINOL Monday Debrief Notes - 02/04/12

Everybody was very good with organising their time this week

A very professional looking bulletin. Everyone has clearly improved their packaging skills - "You can all feel like you have done something towards this bulletin to make it really solid".


* Grabs from the dementia headline, it looked odd because it implied the women in vision was a dementia sufferer. As a whole, the headlines were fairly good this week.
* The articles on the site should be around 250 - 300 words


* The way you read the ending link was very professional. Much better pacing, confident as a presenter now


* A good 'washing line' intro
* The interview was ruined by the drill noise
* Slightly jumbled script. Said 'accountable' too much
* Very well framed interview, nice background view
* Too much expo following the first interview
Used alot of archive footage
* Shame you had to rely on this footage so heavily
* Did well to get three interviews. Your political contacts came in handy this week
* The back ano. was good
* You managed to pace your piece to camera well, although it's slightly too long
* Make sure you balance the story over time


Some good sequence shots
* Liked the fact you followed some of the candidates around
* Nice quote - 'Small guy, big challenge'
* We didn't hear too much about the turnout. Who is going to vote for these people?
* Too descriptive - "You've not told us a story"

Sarah and Rachelle:

"Thought it worked really nicely"
* There was talk beforehand of using props - Shame they weren't used
* Didn't understand why some of the objects you mentioned were incriminating
* That didn't come across very well


Some nice shots
* Good pacing to the script
* Fantastic quote too - "It's a nightmare"
* It was an emotive story
* You knew you wanted to make the piece more focused on the case study
* You changed the construction of the story with a short amount of time to go and remained calm


Impressed by the pictures
* We weren't really told why he was building it (It's an attraction at a museum, but we weren't made aware of this)
* The piece last time was clever, but it was embarrassing that we got the fact wrong


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