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WINOL REVIEW - 28/03/12

Week 9 at WINOL was positive. Reporters are clearly feeling more comfortable with piecing together their packages and giving each story a particular angle. We had an issue on the production side and had to temporarily pull the bulletin from YouTube as swearing could be heard in one of the sports packages, but the bulletin is now up and running again.

In terms of individual feedback:


Your piece this week relied heavily on archive footage, but you did very well to get three interviews all of which had some strong quotes. You started the package with a very effective 'washing line' intro, which gave the piece some nice pacing. Your first interview was slightly ruined by the drill noise ,but the framing of the shot was probably the best you've managed to get into the bulletin. The lighting on the interview was also ideal so well done for that.

It was mentioned in the debrief on Monday that your script was slightly jumbled at points. Admittedly, though, you were attempting to explain quite a complex story so I think you did well considering. You said 'accountable' too much in the script and started to repeat yourself towards the end of the package. There was also too much expo leading up to the first interview grab. The framing on your third interview was also quite odd. It looked like the camera was pointing downwards at Woodward.

You had another good week, but your shots let you down slightly. It's a shame you had to rely so much on archive footage, but your interviews helped to bulk out the story. Your piece to camera was also delivered well and you've clearly make a concious effort to slow down your voice. Make sure, however, that you take into account balance over time over the coming weeks.


Your package this week was nicely put together. It was great to have a campus story on the elections as it's something that was affecting a large number of our viewers. You managed to get some nice sequence shots into the piece and I thought the fact you followed the candidates around was very effective. There was also a nice quote from Quested and your interviews were all well framed. The shots of the Q&A event were nice because we got to see the candidates interact.

In the Monday debrief it was highlighted that we didn't hear alot of information with regards to the voting turnout. We were left asking: Who is voting for these applicants? Your story was also sightly too descriptive which meant you didn't really tell a story.

I did like your piece this week, though. Again, your voice was very well paced and the way in which you voice your packages gives them a nice polish.

Sarah and Rachelle

I thought the in-studio discussion on the enquiry was very well done. The feature is brilliant and deserved a little plug and I think you both did a great job of scripting what you were going to say about the issue and how you were going to discuss this between each other. You were both confident on camera and it felt to me as a viewer that you were comfortable with discussing the subject.

There was talk before we went live of using props in the piece. I'm aware that you bought items in, Rachelle, and was left wondering why you didn't use them? You also didn't explain your reasons behind making the feature very clearly. The audience weren't able to understand why some of the objects you mentioned were incriminating.

Overall, it was a strong studio discussion, though. I was glad to put it in the bulletin as it was a genuinely interesting segment.


You had a hard time this week after finding out the Lego structure wasn't as big as first thought. Nevertheless, you managed to make something of the structure with a nice interview and some strong GV's. The pictures you managed to get were impressive and I liked the montage of the architect's previous work. It was a nice light way to end the bulletin.

We weren't, however, told why he was building the model. I know it's an attraction at a museum, but we weren't made aware of this. The piece last time was clever, but it was slightly embarrassing that we got the fact wrong. It's a shame this happened, but you did well to not let this throw you off the story completely. You had some technical issues initially with your interview as it was poorly framed. I know you pinched the shot in and although it was slightly blurry, I don't think the edit was particularly noticeable.


Unfortunately, your OOV on the Game closure didn't make it into the bulletin, but it was usable. The segment was well scripted and you had some nice shots from in town. I appreciate the fact you rushed out to get the footage on the day of the broadcast as that's exactly the sort of attitude I need from the reporters on a Wednesday.


You had a tough time with your story this week and it's a shame it didn't come through for the bulletin. Your story on student housing sounded strong when you pitched it to me in the news meeting, but it wasn't until Tuesday that you realised some of the details were too unclear to justify using the package. You did well to keep looking for stories even though your first idea had fallen through and I appreciated the fact you and Graham scripted the cathedral charge and sea city museum OOVs.

GV's as a background during the credit sequence at the end of the bulletin.


When we were discussing the motorcross story on Monday, it sounded brilliant. The story basically made itself in terms of shots. You were persistent in trying to arrange an interview and it's a shame the person you had in mind was unwilling to talk. We couldn't use your story after your contact for the story told you the course wouldn't be in use for another 5 or 6 weeks.

After this, you helped to put together the pictures for the OOVs I was potentially going to run on the day of the broadcast, which was appreciated. I was aware you were away in the morning due to helping elsewhere with the memorial service but is was useful to have the OOVs done and ticked on the news board.


I thought you did a very good job on Wednesday going out to an interview for the sunshine story. It was something you and George had been planning extensively and you knew you had alot to do with not much time. Even though you couldn't get a lift to where you needed to go you still persued the story, which I thought was a great attitude to have.

The footage you bought back to the newsroom would have been good enough to put into the bulletin if you'd had time to piece it together. I hope you do something with the footage you collected so you can put it in a show reel or something similar.


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