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WINOL REVIEW - 04/04/12

Week 10 at WINOL was a great week that I was proud to be a part of. I thought we ended our recent run of broadcasts on a high. The news team had more stories fall through this week than ever before and I think we did well to come back from this to finish as well as we did. We had 6 stories in red: Archery (George), Gnomes (Aarran), Drought (Flick), Lung Technology (Dan), Intech Exhibition (Eddie) and Skatepark (George).

I was watching the broadcast go out and I thought the gallery handled the slight mistake with Sport very well. Lou also did a good job to address the issue and apologise for it. There was a great anticipation of problems from the whole team this week. We've got to the stage where we can predict what it most likely to go wrong and have a plan to address it.

The headlines were also the best we've had. Every piece had a fantastic, memorable wrote. The timing, delivery and scripting was brilliant too.

In terms of individual feedback:

George (Ed Miliband)

I think the reason this bulletin was our finest yet was because of the effort you put in to arrange an interview with Ed Miliband on the day of the broadcast. You came in on Wednesday morning knowing your skatepark story had fallen through and instead of letting this defeat you, you decided to try something new. Your persistence with the Southampton press office paid off and before 11am you were already on your way to the venue with Flick.

The footage you came back with was very impressive. There were some great shots of Ed as he was talking during the Q&A. The sound quality in the one-on-one interview was flawless, which only made your package on the story look even more professional. I watched your rushes and thought you did well to pressure the press lady for more time. You managed to get in some good questions to Miliband and you came back to the news room with some great quotes.

It was pointed out in the Wednesday debrief that the sound on the interview was slightly tinny, but this was only a minor issue. I don't personally think it took away from the rest of your package. The in-studio segment with Aarran was also very slick and I thought it worked well. The rehearsal time clearly paid off, too. This was easily your best week and I'm sure you'd agree with me too.

Graham (Local Elections)

This was the second petrol story you'd done so there was quite abit of pressure on you to make it better than the last package you'd got into the bulletin. I think you did a good job, overall. It was certainly an improvement from your first petrol story. You clearly got abit more creative with your shots this time. I particularly liked the walking piece to camera. As was pointed out on Wednesday, "It felt like you said something that needed to be said rather than using the PTC as a way of filling time".

Obviously the ideal shot would have been a person in a car, but again we didn't see this. The link from the Miliband story was good. I think that it looked good to use your story as a continuation of a previous one. You did well to get a great quote from your interviewee and I liked the shots leading into the interview.

I think you did well this week. You got a good, well-paced package to me long before the bulletin went out.

Dan (SU President)

Another strong story from you this week. Your shots following the current president and the upcoming president into the SU office were a nice touch. You matched what you were saying in the script with what we were seeing on screen very effectively. You're not too literal either, which is great. The sound quality on your package was also very good, as was your voice.

You've managed to remain very consistent with your packaging this term and the final week was no exception.

Lou (Sea City)

You obviously wanted to do a political piece this week and it's a shame that your interviews didn't go as planned. I appreciated the fact you went down to Southampton to film the museum, however. Obviously, it was an and-finally piece so ideally we needed to see you interacting with some of the exhibits at the centre. This was your first time attempting to film an and-finally and I don't think you did too bad.

I had to edit out some of your shots before we could export the package. The segment about the rower was strange and it didn't fit with the rest of the story. There were some other shaky shots too that you shouldn't have been using.

It was pointed out during the Wednesday debrief that you needed a shot of the Titanic in the piece! It was a story about the Titanic and yet we didn't see the Titanic. This didn't make much sense. I thought you did a good job considering you were filming something you weren't used to filming, however. 


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