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Media Law - Year Three Notes Archive

Media Law - Year Three Notes Archive

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Media Law, Lecture 1, Year Three - Introduction and Fatal Errors

"Our first law lecture served as a refresher session and covered topics including the fatal errors system and the code of conduct."

Media Law, Lecture 2, Year Three - Privacy and Confidentiality

"Our second law lecture of the third year was a lesson in privacy and confidentiality, exploring topics including Article's 8 and 10 of the Human Rights Act, case example where privacy was key, and injunctions."

Media Law, Lecture 3, Year Three - Copyright
"For our third media law lecture we were joined by Peter Hodges. Peter is a  BBC legal expert with a fantastic knowledge in copyright and fair dealing."

Media Law, Lecture 4, Year Three - Law and Regulation for TV News

"Our first lecture with Ian Anderson focused on TV regulation and the powers of particular bodies such as the PCC and OFCOM. We looked at a number of issues surrounding these groups including their ability to control broadcasters and investigate other matters".

Media Law, Lecture 5, Year Three - Defamation

"Our second lecture with Ian Anderson focused on defamation. We looked at how to identify when a story is potentially dangerous to publish, libel defence, and defamation via pictures."

Media Law, Lecture 6, Year Three - Court Reporting and Crime

"Our sixth law lecture of the term looked at issues relating to reporting crime, and also covered prejudice, contempt of court and their effects on publishing material."

Media Law, Lecture 7, Year Three - Privilege

"Our seventh lecture in Media Law looked at privilege and its variations, along with how to identify what can be published at certain times."

Media Law, Lecture 8, Year Three - Electoral Law, TV and Radio

"Our eight lecture in Media Law looked at electoral law, including topics on how to cover events and proceedings during such times and the importance of producing fair and accurate reports."

Media Law, Lecture 9, Year Three - Investigative Journalism

"Our ninth lecture in media law looked at the world of investigative journalism  During the session, we covered topics including source protection, the difference between criminal and civil law, and relevant case examples."


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