Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Channel 5 News Feedback - 27/11/12

After watching tonight's Channel 5 News bulletin, I thought I'd take the time to give some feedback on what I thought was strong within the show and what I'd alter.

Firstly, I thought the headlines were good. Some nice shots used with some great interview grabs. I also thought the subtle white fade / flash transition between the clips was nice on the eyes.

Photo: Courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net
I thought the story on flooding was very well put together. I liked the variety of shots in the package, particular of the interview with the gentleman stuck in his house and the POV shots from the helmet camera feeds of the emergency service members  The initial cut to Peter Lane was nice as it gave some background to the story before the VT began.

I thought it was interesting to see the interviewer in shot. This is something that, on WINOL, we rarely do. I think it was clearly needed for the interview with the flood victim because the reporter couldn't get any closer to the house. If anything, it added to the piece, because it gave a better sense of scale of the damage caused from the flooding. On a technical note, I was impressed that the sound of the gentleman's voice was so crisp considering he so far away from the reporter.

The second interview followed by the map was nice. It was good to see the VT broken up with some graphical elements.

Cameron's interview shortly after the map graphic was also well framed, with the river running behind him which linked well to the VT itself. Returning to a PTC at the end of the VT was nice, because I half expected the cameras to return to the studio. The strapline that came up during the ending PTC looked nice, but it was particularly hard to read the white 'LIVE' text against the light blue strap.

The second story by Catherine Jones on the sickness bug warning had some nice elements to it, but I didn't like the ominous and slightly spooky background music that accompanied the fade-in image. I appreciate that the bug is something to be feared, but I thought the music was a little over the top. It didn't seem to fit with the package as a whole and that's why it stuck out to me so much. The shot of the hospital hallway with the graphic over the top was also used twice during the VT, which seemed odd. The second time we saw the shot, it didn't add anything at all.

Again, for the interviews in the hospital VT, the interviewer was in shot. This seems somewhat odd to me, possibly because we don't use this technique on WINOL a great deal. To me, it seems unusual as I feel that the audience doesn't really care who's conducting the interview. They care about what's being said by the person who the camera's pointed at. In saying that, I did enjoy the pull focus shots in this VT, they were nice.

The OOV on EON was OK. Obviously, it wasn't the most entertaining / interesting story in the show which is why there was no accompanying VT. I thought having pictures behind the presenter in vision was a nice touch, though.

I think the 'coming up' segment that followed the Nadine Dorries package came at just the right time. It gave me a reason to carry on watching because the way the graphic was put together was genuinely interesting to look at and pleasing to the eye. This 'coming up' technique is something we've recently implemented on WINOL, and I think it works very well in both instances.

Following the ad break we had the Yasser Arafat package. I thought using the documentary clip as part of the VT for some context was a nice addition to the piece, but the audio was too loud as the voiceover of the reporter came in. Both the documentary clip audio and the voiceover were cutting against each other, and to me that sounded slightly odd. I thought very slightly adjusting audio levels here would have been ideal.

I thought the story on Bill Tarmey was a very strong piece. The shots from inside the church were beautifully shot and the interviews following the service were a nice touch. Again, the reporter was in the shot with the interviewees and the gun mic was slightly in view, which felt a little messy.

The graphics in the Sports Personality piece were, I thought, really well done. The scrapbook-style shot of all the contenders was effective as it gave each sports star some screentime. The interviews with Chris Hoy and Ellie Simmonds has some great quotes. I thought Ellie's interview was particularly well done. The reporter was out of shot for Ellie's interview and in shot for Chris Hoy's interview and given the chance to compare the interviews, I'd say Ellie's looked more professional.

Overall, a strong bulletin with some very impressive visual elements.


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